Finding the Balance: How Much is Too Much Make-up?

Sometimes it isn’t always easy to find the perfect balance between too much or too little make-up. We want the coverage but we don’t want to look like a clown! Life itself is all about finding balance.

Unfortunately for us ladies finding a balance seems to be needed for more than just the essential things in life. Whether it’s finding a balance in what we consume in our daily diet, deciding when to spend or save, or determining whether or not to go out with girlfriends or stay home, it’s best to always go for middle ground. To add to our ongoing list of things to balance, is determining how much make-up is too much. The CGS Team has come up with a few pointers to help you find the balance and never overdo your make-up again!

Proper Lighting

A helpful tip to keep in mind when applying your make-up is to use natural sunlight. Not only will natural light give you the best lighting for make-up application, it will allow you to see your finished product as if you were already out of the house. Of course, the standard light fixtures in a room can be helpful but unless you are using fluorescent bulbs, you will not get an accurate view of your make-up.

Using natural or fluorescent light will help you see how much make-up you’ve already applied, allowing you to avoid going overboard. Caked on make-up doesn’t suit many, so avoid overdoing it when you can! Anyways, less is best! Adding make-up is much easier than having to remove it and risk smearing other parts of your face.

Determine the Occasion

Most women already do this, but planning your make-up based on the event or occasion can make a big difference in how much you need to apply. Depending on the type of occasion you need make-up for can help give you an idea of how much make-up is appropriate.

For example, the amount of make-up you would wear to work should typically be less than the amount of make-up you would wear going out to a lounge or club. Now don’t get us wrong, we are all for a well-made face, but there is a time and a place for the extras. If you are having pictures taken, then wearing excess make-up is recommended. Since the camera and editing mellow out facial make-up, applying more than usual is usually needed.

Play Around With Your Make-Up

One of the best ways to find the balance between too much or too little make-up is to test it out! If you have a free afternoon, try different ways of applying your make-up. Go for a natural coral blush, then compare it with a deeper purple hue. If you need to run errands or meet a friend for lunch, apply your make-up a different way and see what kind of response you get.

You may be surprised to hear that people are loving your new red lip, as opposed to your usual nude! Small tweaks to how you wear and apply your make-up can aid in finding your perfect balance.

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It’s important you find a balance of how much make-up is good enough for you and only you. If you prefer rocking out your make-up for a quick errand, then go for it! Feel confident in your skin and any additional make-up will only amplify that! Have you ever realized you had too much make-up on and it was too late to fix it? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below. Let us know the tips you use to help you find the balance of make-up to wear.

-The CGS Team



1 thought on “Finding the Balance: How Much is Too Much Make-up?”

  1. I usually don’t wear much makeup, so when I do I always feel like it’s too much. I need to play around with my products and see what looks I enjoy and which I can avoid!

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