How to Dye Hair Without the Damage

Every so often we change our look; whether it be a new makeup routine, a new hairstyle, or a new hair color. I have been dying my own hair since I was in high school and I can tell you that sooner or later it takes a toll. The harsh chemicals found in most dyes literally strip your hair to apply that desired color.

My Hair Dye Horror Story

I learned the hard way not to use box dyes or double process my hair ever again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “double process”, I will gladly fill you in. It is a process where you or your colorist bleach your hair and then dye it with the color dye of your choosing. This mostly applies to those with dark hair trying to go light. My hair dried out completely and to make matters worse, I went ahead and box dyed the blonde out of my hair with black. I know, no respect for my hair. This was about three years ago when I was 20 years old. Now, I condition it twice a week and nothing gets between my hair care routine and I.

So, now that I have scare the heck out of you, I have good news. There are alternative ways to dye your hair without the harsh damage. You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash for a specialist to color your hair, you just have to be knowledgeable before doing it on your own!

Semi-Permanent Color

There are so many options like semi-permanent hair chalks, crayons, powders, henna, and even vegan hair dyes. Semi-permanent colors have come a long way over the past couple of years. They last up to ten washes and cut the chemical damage down significantly. For those of you wondering if the dye will take to brunettes, wonder no more!

L’Oréal recently came out with semi-permanent dyes that are made specifically for us. Score! They also have a line that caters to blondes, but generally blonde hair will take to the dyes much easier than deep brown or black colors. As for the chalks, crayons, and powders, those are better suited for one time use or a few days, if you don’t wash your hair.

Box Dye Use

The one thing you should really avoid like the plague is box dye (cue ominous music). If, and this a big if, you must buy box dye use it as it directed to lessen the damage. Another great thing to do to lessen the damage is prep your hair. Most box dyes now come with a conditioning treatment, but doing your own doesn’t hurt either.

You can do this by sleeping with a hair mask for two nights before you dye it. This will moisturize your hair, giving it the best foundation. Never dye your hair after washing it, always before washing. That’s important because some shampoos strip the hair and with the dye, you’ll end up double stripping it. These hair prep methods can also be used when bleaching the hair. The same rules apply for bleaching too, never leave the chemical in for longer than directed.

Henna and vegan dyes are amazing but won’t always give a vibrant color. Henna can be used for tinting the hair. Whereas vegan dyes may require some bleaching to achieve the desired effect. One of the pluses of vegan dye is that it actually conditions the hair.

Going to a Colorist

For permanent color, find a professional who has good reviews to dye your hair. This way you can get the best results and they can teach you about the after care. Never go by price, always go by experience and prior results. With social media, Instagram especially, it’s very easy for hairdressers to showcase their work with photos. Most times there will be people who give testimonials to attest to the greatness of the work. Do some research then make a decision. Just because something is expensive, that doesn’t always mean it’s good.

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Now that I’ve given you all the tools to dye your hair safely, get out there and refresh your look! Do you have any experience with dying your hair? Can you share any horror stories? Leave a comment below to share your tips and experiences with dying your hair!

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