5 Easy DIY Milk Bath Recipes

What is a milk bath you may be asking yourself?! Well it pretty much is exactly what you are thinking, it is a bath that is made with milk instead of, or mixed in with water. The thought of bathing in milk may not sound like the cleanest, but we are here to share that there are a lot of benefits of taking one. The cool thing about them is that you can make them yourselves! There are plenty of easy DIY milk bath recipes!

Milk baths usually come with other ingredients too, including honey, rose, daisies, essential oils and more. The milk in your milk bath contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid, to dissolve the proteins that hold together dead skin cells. Dead skin cells hold no value to keeping your skin healthy and younger looking, so getting rid of them is the best thing you can do! Check out 5 easy DIY milk bath recipes to try.

Beginner Milk Bath Recipe

This easy to make milk bath can be made as a gift or for you to enjoy after a long, stressful day. The ingredients are easy and very affordable so don’t worry about having to spend an arm and leg just for some relaxation.

You will need a mason jar to store all of the mixed products in easily. Half a cup of oats, two cups of powdered milk, half cup of Epsom salts, one fourth cup of baking soda, twenty drops of lavender essential oil (which is optional if you want the bath to have a good smelling scent).

If you want to enjoy the bath in that moment blend all the products together in a blender and add to your bath water. If you have extra, no worries! Simply store the remaining mixture into a mason jar to enjoy later!

Midnight Rose Milk Bath

This may come as a surprise to you, but milk baths have been around for centuries. There are old folk tales that Queen Cleopatra used to enjoy a good milk bath here and there. Legend has it, she used to bathe in donkey milk daily and that is why her complexion was so beautiful.

Although these legends have not been confirmed, many historians believe them to hold some truth. A buttermilk bath was also a common historical bathing technique for show animals and remains to be in practice today (such as pigs and dogs).

To make this midnight rose milk bath you simply will need to combine two cups of whole powdered milk, half cup of cornstarch that also goes by the name corn flour, one fourth cup of baking soda, 6 drops rose absolute oil and drop of geranium oil.

Oatmeal Milk Bath

Oatmeal milk baths combine the soothing properties of milk and oatmeal, both of which are associated with reducing skin redness and irritation. Oatmeal is especially known for its skin moisturizing benefits. Milk substance is a soothing, nourishing and a natural gentle exfoliator.

An Oatmeal Milk Bath will leave your skin refreshed and renewed. These benefits can be especially advantageous for those with skin rashes. Creating an oatmeal milk bath requires simple household ingredients. All you will need are the following products, and viola – your bath is ready to go!

One cup of whole fat dried milk, one fourth cup of baking soda, half cup of oats, five to seven high quality essential oils of your choice for additional relaxation and smell. Take your oats and grind them into a fine powder in your food processor.

First you will need to stir the milk, baking soda and ground oats together. Secondly, place the milk bath into a clean and well-sealed container. When you’re ready to bath, add essential oils and the mixture into your bath water. Your mixture can be kept for up to 3 months if kept airtight and scooped with clean hands or a scooper.

Pampering Milk Bath
It is easier to make the milk bath mixture in mason jars so you can easily see how much of each product has been added. Once you have all of the products together in the jar close the jar and mix it up real good! This is one of the easiest milk bath recipes, with only three ingredients: powdered milk, baking soda, and cornstarch.

The baking soda softens your skin, the cornstarch soothes irritation, and the milk moisturizes. Generally speaking, the higher the fat of the powdered milk the better. There are a few grocery stores that may only carry goat milk in Vitamin D so feel free to use that as well.

However, if for whatever reason you do not want to use animal milk, you could also use powdered coconut milk. To make this milk bath combine the milk, baking soda, and cornstarch in a 2:1:1 ratio.  So if you used 1 cup of powdered milk you’d use 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of cornstarch.

Sweet Vanilla Milk Bath

Milk removes dead skin cells and softens skin. It also nourishes and smooths the skin, so it’s especially good for dry skin or skin that seems to have lost its vitality. This recipe includes cornstarch and baking soda to power up its skin-softening effect and give the bathwater a silky feel. They’re also great for soothing itchy and of sensitive skin.

Two cups of whole powdered milk, half cup of  cornstarch which also goes by the name corn flour, one fourth of baking soda and vanilla essential oil will do the trick. You generally need less drops of the oils because their scent is so concentrated, however you can add up to 20 drops if you like a stronger aroma.


Now that we have a little history and some facts on the benefits of taking a milk bath, would you ever enjoy one? If so, do any of the easy do it yourself recipes catch your eye? If you have enjoyed a milk bath, what are some of your favorite recipes?

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