Beauty How Tos: DIY Root Cover Up

Any great dye job fades over time. Your roots start growing in, the color starts to get dull, and you think it might be time to make an appointment at the salon. You can put that appointment off for a little while by covering up those roots yourself. This can save you serious cash! There are a bunch of great products that you can use. They come in powders, creme sticks, spray cans, and many others.

Quick tips depending on your hair type:

For those with oily hair, powder is best to use. We recommend TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott’s Color & Lift Thickening Powder.

Dry hair would be best paired with the creme sticks. We recommend Bumble & Bumble Bb Color Stick.

The spray cans can be used for both. We recommend Rita Hazan Root Concealer.

 Some dry shampoos are tinted, so you get two great uses out of one product. There are even hair color pens for when you need a mid-day touch up. They come in a variety of shades to match every hair color. You can find these products in many places.

Sephora carries a variety of root cover up products from your favorite brands like Tarte and Bumble and Bumble. At Target, you can find the tinted dry shampoos and root cover up powders. Ulta has the widest selection of root cover up products and the prices are pretty moderate.

Some use box dye to do it themselves at home. Here’s why you shouldn’t – those dyes use much different chemicals than the ones that salons use and can be much more damaging to your hair. Then when you are ready to go to the salon to touch up your color. The box dye chemicals can turn the color into something else, something undesirable. Unless you plan on taking over your hair color on your own, stick with the simple products when doing your DIY touch ups.


Whatever you choose, let us know which one works best for you! Have you tried any of the root touch-up products listed above? What is your favorite? Post a reply below to share!

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