The Best Ways to Hide Blemishes

Blemishes are some of the worst beauty blunders known to women. Let’s be real, how many times have you tried to hide blemishes, only to find out they were never hidden in the first place? We’ve all been there. Blemishes are pesky little things that have a knack for being seen when we don’t want them to be! Blemishes are a sure beauty foul, that’s why the CGS Team is sharing a few ways to hide them and get rid of them as quickly as possible, until the next one comes!

Tips to hide blemishes

Lighten It Up

Wherever the blemish is, it’s a good rule of thumb to always use a lighter color to cover it up. Perhaps using a lighter color of highlighting cream before applying your normal color foundation. The lighter color of the concealer or highlighter will help reduce the color of the blemish, eventually making it match your skin tone.

Once you’ve applied your highlighting cream, apply your concealer around the blemish.  Finish up hiding that blemish with loose translucent powder and viola, you’re done. Keep in mind when applying your make up that you do not smear the product on the blemish, otherwise you’ll run the chance of messing up your make-up and revealing it.

Ice, Ice Baby

Another trick you can try to hide your blemish is icing it. Sometimes the cold from an ice cube will reduce the swelling and/or redness. Simply hold the ice cube over your blemish for a few minutes at a time and watch the swelling loosen up. By placing something cool over your blemish, it will help when you apply your make-up. The blemish won’t be so puffy and noticeable. After applying the ice cube to your face, be sure to lightly dab off whatever water is left on your face. Rubbing it will only irritate your blemish more!

Toothpaste On Your Face

Of course, this trick should only be done when you aren’t leaving the house! Applying toothpaste to your blemish for a few hours or overnight will significantly help dry out your pimple. Most blemishes occur when oil is clogged in the pores. Drying out that oil will help the blemish heal faster and eventually fade away.  Toothpaste contains ingredients that help quicken the drying process. Apply a hefty amount (the toothpaste should completely cover the blemish’s size and color), and let it sit. Gently wipe the toothpaste off with a wet wash cloth.

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Stress about blemishes no more! Keep these useful tips in mind the next time a blemish occurs, and try not to let those suckers get the best of you! What are some ways you hide your blemishes? Home remedies? Make-up tips? Share with the community, we’d love to hear them!

-The CGS Team



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