How to Accurately Apply Concealer

Concealer is probably one of the best beauty inventions for the make-up world. Not only can concealer conceal what you don’t want seen, it can provide additional coverage, even out the skin tone, and add some highlighting appeal.  The CGS Team came across a tutorial by Byrdie on where women can apply concealer to get the best use out of their product.

“According to makeup artists and aficionados, there’s more to applying concealer than just grabbing any old formula and globbing it on top of your imperfections. Used strategically, concealer can change your entire face.

But applying concealer with savvy isn’t just a makeup artist’s game. If you’re lost, we’re here to help. To break it down nice and easy, we solicited our expert’s help to put together this guide to applying concealer!”

Under Your Eyes

Kerry Cole of Becca Cosmetics says to apply the product in a reverse triangle shape under the eyes. “This brings light to the center of the face while camouflaging under-eye darkness,” she says. “For best results, choose a cream formula, as opposed to a liquid, for optimal coverage and staying power. For subtle brightening, select a color one shade lighter than your skin tone.”

Under and Over Your Brows

“Apply a thin swipe of concealer above and below your brow for ‘an instant lift,’ says Cole. This technique serves to highlight the brows, making your face look brighter and more awake. For this, it’s best to use a cream formula one to two shades lighter than your skin tone, applied with a small concealer brush.”

Inner Eye Corners

“Sleep deprived? Here’s an easy technique to look instantly more awake. Applying a dab of concealer at the inner corners of the eyes works to make them appear more open. Opt for a liquid formula one to two shades lighter than your skin tone for prime highlighting action.”

Around Your Lips

“Here’s a fun concealer trick that every makeup artist secretly uses. To create the illusion of larger lips, take a concealer brush and carefully outline the upper and lower lips. A liquid formula works best here, says Cole.”

Under Your Nose

“We often don’t notice it, but most of us have redness surrounding our nostrils that makes us look dull and tired. By dabbing concealer around the nose to erase this redness, we look instantly brightened and more awake. A liquid concealer with yellow undertones works best for this technique.”

On Top of Blemishes

“There’s also a specific strategy to masking the redness, discoloration, and texture of a blemish. First, select a shade that matches your skin tone. If the concealer is too light, it will highlight the blemish, causing it to look more raised. As for formula, use a liquid formula if the blemish is dry, a cream if not, says Cole.”

As seen on Exactly Where You Should Be Applying Concealer by Byrdie.


Who knew concealer could do all of those amazing things?! We can’t wait to get our hands on the different types of concealers mentioned above. What is your favorite concealer product? What concealer tricks can you share? Leave a comment below to share with the community!

-The CGS Team



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