9 Tips to Manifest More Money into Your Life

If you don’t believe in the power of manifesting, it may be time to start thinking differently. Manifesting is the act of creating beliefs that come true. Essentially, it’s willing something to be based on how you think and act.

To manifest something is to think and act as if you have it, before you have it. When you’re not familiar with the concept, it can seem a little out there. Just bear with me and give it a try! I’m going to share 9 tips to manifest more money into your life. When you manifest one thing, you can manifest anything!

Tips to Manifest More Money into Your Life

#1 Use daily money affirmations

The first module of the Money Management Mastery program is all about mindset, with a specific lesson on daily money affirmations. An affirmation is a statement asserting something you want to be true. 

Rachel Hollis did research that showed if you affirm something you want to be true, your brain starts making decisions as if it were already true. This is what gets you the result.

To help manifest more money into your life, start using money affirmations each day. You can write them out daily or speak them out loud each day. Eventually, you’ll start treating your money differently and more will come your way. Some examples of money affirmations include:

  • “Money flows swiftly and easily into my bank account.”
  • “I always have more than enough.”
  • “Each month I have more and more money in my accounts.”

Get my full list of money affirmations when you take the 8-week self-paced Money Management Mastery program. Not only will you shift your mindset, but you’ll shift your current habits with your money!

#2 Write yourself a $1,000,000 check and hang it up somewhere

This is such a powerful money move. Whether you want to a be a millionaire one day or not, the act of writing yourself a large check puts into the universe that one day you’ll be able to cash it. There is no amount that is too large for you, no matter what your current situation looks like.

Once you write this check to yourself, make sure you hang up it up somewhere you can see it every day. Let the check serve as your daily reminder that great things are coming your way. The more you see the check, the more you’ll start believing it’s possible for you to have that million dollars. Belief is the game changer.

#3 Stop thinking negatively about your money situation

Positive begets positive—but negative also begets negative. If you want to start manifesting more money into your life, you need to stop thinking negatively about your situation. The sad truth is that most people aren’t mindful of their thoughts. This means many people are thinking negatively and not even realizing it. Start to recognize your thought patterns, and counter negative thoughts with positive ones.

For example, if you catch yourself thinking, “I’m always broke,” change the thought to, “I always have enough to pay my bills.” It’s a simple shift in how you think that can have a huge ripple effect in the future. The more positive you think, the more positive things will happen. 

#4 Express gratitude when you spend money

Practicing gratitude for the money you do have is key to getting more. Any time you spend money, say how thankful you are for being in a position to pay for the item. Any time you pay a bill, express gratitude for being in a position to take care of your responsibilities.

When you get paid, or when you come into extra money, say how thankful you are to be a person who makes money. Appreciate every dollar that comes in and goes out, and you’ll open the door for more money to make its way to you.

#5 Set goals and write them down daily
Goal setting is a crucial part of success. I’ve shared plenty of times before that a person with goals is 10x more likely to be successful than a person without goals. The same goes for your money goals. 

You should set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific) goals for your money. When you have them set, write them down each day to make sure the goals are always front and center.

#6 Know your worth and the value you bring

If you feel like you’re underpaid in your work or business, it’s time to start asking for what you deserve. Before you can do that, though, you need to know your worth and the value you bring to the table. Confidence plays a huge role when asking for what you want. If you don’t know your own value, you can’t expect others to either.

Do you struggle with owning your worth and value? Make a list of all the work you’ve done, your accomplishments, and recognition you’ve received. Refer back to that list for a confidence boost. Knowing your worth trickles into all areas of your life, not just monetary ones.

#7 Ask for more

Once you know your worth, you can start asking for what you deserve. If you’ve been killing your current job role, ask for a raise. If you run your own business and people are happy with the products/services you provide, increase your prices.

Asking for more is one of the best ways to manifest more money into your life, because you’re consciously putting out there that you’re worth more. Not experienced in asking for what you want? Start brushing up on your negotiation skills. This will come in handy for future opportunities as well!

#8 Think abundance, not scarcity

Going back to the power of positive thinking, when it comes to thinking positively about your money, it helps to do it in terms of abundance. When you think “abundance,” meaning you always have enough, you put yourself in a position to receive abundance.

On the other hand, when you think “scarcity,” there is never enough. You’re always coming from a place of lack. When you have a lack mindset, nothing will ever be enough. That’s not a great mental place to be. It trickles into other areas of your life and leaves you feeling less than. 

You are more than enough, so start believing it!

#9 Help others where you can

I truly believe we can’t financially help others until we help ourselves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help people in other ways. Spend time volunteering. Donate old clothes or items you don’t want. Lend an ear or a hand to those in need. There are plenty of ways you can help people. 

Not only will you feel good inside, but you’ll notice good things start to happen for you on a more consistent basis.

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It’s very possible to manifest more money into your life. You just have to believe it! When you start shifting your mindset, amazing things happen. This impacts all areas of your life. Once you manage one, you can start managing the others. 

Do you believe in manifestation? Have you manifesting things into your life before? Drop a comment below to share your experiences or questions!

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  1. Hi Raya, I agree with you. You must think abundantly, have a positive mindset and enjoy doing your affirmations every day. Money will flow into your existence soon enough.

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