9 Positive Affirmations for Happiness and Success

Are you not on the affirmation train yet? Then you’re missing out! Affirmations are written or spoken statements that affirm what is true or what you want to be true. To get the most impact from affirmations, you should practice writing or speaking them on a daily basis.

If you’re working on your goals, trying to manifest things, or need a boost to your confidence, daily affirmations can change the game. I started journaling my affirmations a few years ago to focus on growing my business, and the results have been phenomenal!

It’s not that the affirmations themselves create the results, but the repetition of the affirmations helps your brain prioritize and focus on the activities that will support you in reaching your goals. There’s a whole science behind it! Not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered! Here are 9 positive affirmations for happiness and success. Start using them today!

9 Positive Affirmations for Happiness and Success

#1 “I do things most people won’t to do to get the results most people won’t get”

I love this affirmation, because it reminds me that as long as I work hard and go above and beyond, I’ll get the results that come with doing so. It’s not a dig to others, but a confirmation of my willingness to go further.

#2 “I am grateful for everything that has happened and for everything that will happen”

Numerous studies have shown that gratitude is a key piece of true happiness. This affirmation centers on gratitude for everything that’s happened in your life and all the things that will continue to happen. It’s very much a glass half full approach!

#3 “I am at peace with my body and physical form”

I stole this one from 9 Self-Affirmations to Channel Your Inner Beauty! It was too got not to reuse! We have to show our bodies love, and this affirmation helps us do that. It reminds us to accept what is our and be at peace with it.

#4 “Money flows swiftly and easily into my bank account”

This is another affirmation In love! When I write this affirmation, I literally picture the wind blowing money in my direction. That’s how quickly and effortlessly I want money to come to me. The more I affirm this, the more money I have in my accounts!

#5 “My happiness shines bright”
Your happiness and positivity are like the sun in a clear sky—bright and warm! That’s what this affirmation helps you believe. Your happiness radiates from you, and you, as well as others, notice and love it!

#6 “I am the kind of person who stays positive, even in the face of adversity”

Yes! This is such a powerful statement! It’s a reminder that you can handle whatever comes your way and do so with a smile. You can stay positive and see the silver lining even during dark moments. We only have one life, and there will be ups and downs. Finding a reason to smile is more powerful than you know.

#7 “I am the kind of person who accomplishes her goals”

I firmly believe that a key factor in reaching your goals is seeing yourself doing so! You have to be able to see it for yourself so you can shoulder the hard work that’s required. This affirmation reminds you that you are someone who can achieve whatever you set out to do.

#8 “I have all the tools I need to succeed”

This affirmation solidifies the belief that you already have what you need to accomplish your goals. You are not “without.” If there’s something you don’t have yet, you have the tools to go out and get it. Being resourceful contributes to success!

#9 “I am in control of my own happiness and I choose it for myself”

Finally, you are putting your happiness and success in your own hands. You’re not letting anyone or anything else take it away from you—it is 100% in your own control. If you’re not happy, it’s a choice. This affirmation is powerful, and it puts all the balls in your court!

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Like I said, to make these affirmations work for you, start practicing them daily! Dedicate 15 minutes of your morning or evening to physically write or speak these statements – or any other affirmations you want. You’re worthy of it all, so start manifesting it!

Do you incorporate affirmations into your daily routine? Do you have any you’d like to share? Post a comment below and let me know!

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