8 Side Jobs to Boost Cash Flow

If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, devote even more time to work, or get creative, there are plenty of side jobs to boost cash flow! When it comes to getting to the next level financially, it truly comes down to two principles: 1) Decrease your expenses and 2) Increase your Income. Doing one or the other can help, but doing both will get you to your financial goals faster! Just like anything in life, you have to be willing to put in the time to get the results. The CGS Team is sharing 8 side job ideas for you to consider when looking to increase your cash flow.

Side jobs to boost cash flow include…

#1 Become a Fitness Instructor

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take certification to become a fitness instructor. To teach a class, whether it’s Zumba, Spin, or any other fitness activity, you only need experience and a positive attitude. Personal training is where certification comes in.

If you love to work out, and seem to be very good at a particular exercise or activity, visit gyms in your area to see if they are looking for class instructors. You may be surprised at what classes most gyms will add to their roster.

#2 Make and Sell Arts and Crafts

Do you love to, or currently, paint, knit, sew, make soap, draw calligraphy, create holiday cards, or any other crafty hobby? If so, start making money from it! Easily sell your products on Etsy, or create your own website. Bluehost is incredibly easy to get started with and makes website creation a breeze.

#3 Start an Online Teaching Business

Are you a tutor? Do you specialize in a certain trade? Can you make art? If you specialize in a certain area, there is someone out there who needs your knowledge or expertise! You can create online courses and training through Teachable or Udemy. Share your courses with your social media friends and see who bites.

#4 Design Graphics, Websites and Applications

Do you have an eye for certain colors? Can you whip up a great looking presentation? There is a need! Not everyone has the creative gene in them, so if you can create branded content, people will need it. The same applies to creating websites, designing applications, running SharePoint websites, or coding in general. Make some money off of your skills by offering them to those in need.

#5 House Sit, Pet Sit, or Baby Sit

If you love kids or pets, start watching them for money! Become a nanny for nights and weekends, or offer to watch local pets around the neighborhood. Start with friends, family and neighbors, and ask them to spread the word. As your reputation builds, you will become busier.

House sitting is a great way to make money with very little effort. You can even use your time to blog or work on other side gigs! It may be a good idea to start with friends, family and neighbors, but you can also visit www.mindahome.com to get started.

#6 Become a Social Media Marketer or Consultant

Are you really fond of a particular social media platform? If you frequently use a specific platform, take good photos or write great content, and are pretty savvy with technology, you can become a social media marketer or consultant. Many “mom and pop” businesses don’t have the time or the know-how to take on social media. If you have a few businesses in mind, start with them!

#7 Start a Mobile Food Truck

Did you know that the food truck industry is expected to surpass $985 million by 2019? Studies have shown that more and more people, including those in the 18-34 bracket, have been starting a running food trucks. The beauty of starting a food truck is that the start-up costs are minimal, you aren’t limited to one location, and you can do it on your own time!

If you have a passion for cooking, or can make a killer dish that people would eat, then seriously consider starting a food truck. If the food is good, people will spend money on it! You can park out on college campuses, local businesses, or take part in events.

#8 Take Great Photos

If you have a decent camera (the investment cost is minimal), a basic understanding of photographic principles and experience with photo-editing programs, you can earn money by taking photos! You can specialize as a portrait or lifestyle photographer – fashion bloggers are in need of this. Or, you can specialize in event and wedding photography.

Taking pictures for people is a great way to bring in a consistent amount of money, especially as you gain a reputation. However, you can also make money by selling your photos to stock photography sites. iStock Photo, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime are great places to start. Make sure you read their submission requirements first.

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You can always go traditional and get a part-time job as a waitress or in retail! The point is, don’t limit your income potential. Use your passions to make more money and it will be a fun and fulfilling way to reach your financial goals! Do you have any tips or ideas for people who want to bring in more money? What side jobs do you currently have? Post a comment below to share!

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