7 Tips to Give Your Wardrobe a Boost

Sometimes you need to give your wardrobe a boost. Not only is it emotionally and mentally beneficial for you to feel good about yourself and your appearance, but it can actually make you more successful! Multiple studies have shown that dressing well can increase your performance and heightens others’ impressions of you.

Giving your wardrobe a boost is one creative way to convey your personality and tastes to those around you. Check out these seven tips to upgrade your style and give your wardrobe a boost without breaking the bank!

#1 Add a Belt
Without a belt, some pants and outfits look as if a vital element is missing. Though some slacks, trousers, and suit pants can do without, that’s now always the case. When you think your outfit is in need of something extra, add a chic belt to give your look a stylish update.

Belts can be used to create contrast or balance out an oversized design. Either way, this waist-defining accessory is a must-have item. Adding a belt to your wardrobe can add an instant layer of sleekness.

Keep in mind, though, a mismatched belt or one that makes the outfit look too busy is worse than no belt at all—don’t wear a belt just to fill the loops. Think carefully about whether your belt adds to the outfit or serves as a distraction.

#2 Include Color

Color might seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget what’s sitting in our wardrobes, or constantly opt for the same dull shades over and over again. If you glance at your outfit and notice something lacking, don’t hesitate to pop in some color!

Adding a bit of color also lets you mix and match different items and get the most bang for your wardrobe buck. Including color can even influence the way we feel! Bright colors cheer us up, while darker tones can seem more serious or somber.

Thinking through the color palette of your closet will allow you to create tons of outfits, which will make getting dressed way easier.

#3 Try Something New

One reason we tend to get stuck in style ruts is that we get attached to certain shops and head there over and over. Of course, it’s essential to have some core favorites that you trust and whose material you know will last!

But there are always so many new and amazing brands hitting the market and just waiting to be discovered. Don’t sleep on them! Keep high-end designer labels in mind for occasional treats in addition to the more affordable mid-range brands.

Fashion is a never-ending swinging door—there’s something new to discover all year round.

#4 Include Accessories

Accessories are the icing on top of your outfit, and can be a lot of fun! They’ll allow you to dress your existing clothes up or down, eliminating the need for special “evening” clothes.

When including accessories, make sure you choose items that let your personality shine through. Even the right pair of shoes can be an accessory.

Get creative with the pairing of your accessories, too. Match simple items with heavier or brighter ones, and use accessories to add that pop of color mentioned earlier. Accessories are important details for tying your look together.

#5 Pair a Purse

You never leave home without your handbag, so naturally, you want it to match your outfit and other accessories. Plus, as with clothes, your bag can accentuate your best features.

If your outfit has a print, pick a color from the print and pair it with a bag of the same color. If your outfit is solid colors, a brightly printed bag can be an excellent highlight!

If you’re dressing up, a sporty bag is a no-no (even if you’ve seen it on the runway!). Stick with a clutch for an elegant event like a wedding. It’s all about choosing the right color, length, and shape of the bag so that it complements your outfit and silhouette.

#6 Wear Reversible Items

Reversible clothes are the perfect solution for after-work happy hours. A reversible garment is one that can be worn two ways—there is no true “inside out” since it’s designed to be fashionable either way!

They can add color to your travel wardrobe and give you plenty of space-saving options, all in one garment. Look for items that have bright patterns on one side and basic neutrals on the other for maximum use!

Garments that are commonly made reversible include hats, jackets, vests, sweaters, shirts, trousers, and skirts.

#7 Mix & Match

No one should aim to have an entire wardrobe made up of the same colors and items. However, the most stylish people in the world do have something like a uniform—they keep it simple and classic.

Learn what you look good in (shape, style, and color) and stick to that formula when choosing new pieces. Not only does this ensure you have clothes that you know are a good fit, it also makes it easier to mix and match!

To give your wardrobe an extra boost, go for a piece from a designer you love, but choose something slightly different from the norm.

We love prints and textures. You can achieve all kinds of unique looks with a printed or textured garment, but you have to keep everything in balance. Your goal is to be eye-catching without being loud.

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