7 Tips for Organizing Your Clothes

It’s so hard to know what you have in your closet when it is in a state of messiness. Perhaps you are one of the few people in the world who is able to navigate through the clutter and know where things are. If so, BLESS YOU! If you aren’t, there is no judgment – we are right there with you and now consider you…Closest kin! But, it’s time to start organizing your clothes!

Having the ideal closet space is not unheard of; in fact, it is probably easer for one to organize their clothes than to add to the disorder. Organizing your clothes is not as difficult as your brain is making it out to be. Check out these seven laid-back tips for organizing your clothes.

#1 Store by Category 

Categorizing your clothes will help you locate them quicker, as opposed to having different items mixed and patched together. Naturally, when we go to a sock drawer, we are looking for a pair of socks. But if there are other items mixed in the drawer, it can make it difficult to find exactly what we are looking for.

Keeping like-items together will organize your clothes in a way that makes items easier to find. It will not only reduce your time in finding items, but it will cut your pockets in half. A lot of times, when we can’t find items, we assume they have been lost at the laundry mat or we never received it back after a friend borrowed it. It is not until you organize your items you realize you have exactly what you need. 

#2 De-clutter 

When there is a lot of space and it gets filled, we tend to add to it rather than remove from it.  People often form this emotional connection to materialistic items that can make it hard for to part ways from those items. We have to come to terms that if we do not de-clutter we will only find ourselves hoarding.

I would hate to tune in and see you on the show Hoarders, so I hope you take heed to some advice here. (Only joking of course).  De-cluttering does not mean you have to toss your entire closet in the trash. If anything, it simply means tossing the items that may be too damaged to salvage or the items you truly no longer want. 

#3 Empty, then clean 

Now if your clothes are just everywhere and you can’t find space to walk, it means it’s time to start fresh. Starting fresh is not the lazy route as some may assume. Emptying your closet and cleaning the space will give you an idea of what is old enough to toss and new enough to organize, either in a drawer or to hang up in your closet. It can be chaotic in the beginning with clothes being sprawled out everywhere, but in the end, you will feel so satisfying and rewarded. Giving your closet that deep clean and organization will benefit you in using the extra space as needed. 

#4 Maximize your space

Having space to do as you wish is very much needed in your home. The worst thing is having a ton of beautiful items and no space to put them. Hang an over-the-door shoe rack on your door, or hang it facing sideways on a tension rod.

You can also use the extra wall space to install DIY shelves that hold jewelry boxes or handbags. After organizing, you will realize that you had more space than you originally thought you did! Check out How to Maximize Your Closet Space for more tips!

#5 Have wearable items at eye level

The items that you wear frequently should be out in plain sight for you to grab when needed. It does you no good in having the every day blouse at the bottom of the dresser when you wear it during the week. Having the items that you wear in your line of sight will help you when preparing your outfits for the week or the day before.

It avoids the chaos of having you toss everything out of the drawers, and then putting them back messy before running out the door to head to work or school. I know it can kind of be a nuisance of deciding what you’d like to keep eye level, but as soon as you get in your groove of organizing, it is going to come naturally. 

#6 Design an ideal space

When you create a space for where you want your organized items to go, you will realize that it is something like a safe haven. Designing an ideal space will bring the adult you so much joy!

For the areas you would like to organize that aren’t so great, like your hard-to-reach upper shelves or total lack of shelves altogether, figure out what you can do to fix these problems. Pinterest can be a great tool to spark your imagination in creating your ideal space. 

#7 Hang the delicates 

Some items can be organized by hanging them hung up instead of folding or rolling them up in your drawers. The jackets that are too bulky to go in a bin can be hung up, providing you that space extra space for putting a shoe rack.

Additionally, you should hang your blouses, as it will prevent you from having to always apply an iron or steamer to the fabric. Hanging your dresses, skirts, and suits, can also save some space and help with organizing. Hanging the items that are more delicate can free up space in the drawers that can be used for additional organizing. 

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Having your clothes nice and organized helps you appreciate them so much more! Organization doesn’t have to be a drag. Work smart, so you don’t have to work hard!  How often do you organize your clothes? Share your tips and experiences by leaving a comment below!

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