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As millennial women, or just women in general, it’s likely that we have a lot of stuff, especially in our closets. The CGS Team recently came across a closet-organization series by Who What Wear and Melanie Charlton of Clos-ette that shows readers how to make the most of closet organization. One of the articles really stuck out with us, and that article is about maximizing your closet’s floor space. We had to share! Check out some great tips on saving some major floor space in your closet.

“Saving floor space in your closet is kind of like trying to pick up prime real estate on the coast of South Florida—every inch counts, and every inch is very valuable. I have done tons of work for celebrity clients like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Liv Tyler, Julianna Margulies, Phil Collins, and Sting, just to mention a few. Read the tips I pass on to them to get the most out of their space.

Arrange Shoes the Smart Way

My clients all have one thing in common: lots of shoes! What do you do when you run out of shoe shelves? You move those shoes to the floor. The best way to get the most shoe storage out of that real estate is to line pairs up heel to toe rather than side by side; that way you know the match is behind it. This will also help you see more pairs at once!

Utilize Vertical Space

Another great tip for saving floor space is by using all the vertical height you can for hanging. If you have tall ceilings and can have three levels of hanging storage, do it! This way you can gain the most floor space.

Don’t Forget Shallow Wall Space

My last trick is to use shallow wall space to store accessories. Hardware is the most underutilized and beautiful tool to use in closets! Scarf hardware, peg walls, hooks, and shallow shelves all can be used to store accessories like bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves. This gets items off your floor and onto the wall!”

As seen on This is the Savvy Way to Save Floor Space in Your Closet


Who knew that such little adjustments can make a huge difference in your closet! If you’re going through a closet clean-out, check out How to Make Money When Clearing Out Your Closet. What tricks can you share when it comes to organizing your closet? Do you prefer shelf or hanging space? Let’s start a discussion! Leave a comment below to share.

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  1. I made some adjustments in my closet as my wardrobe grew as well. It made my space feel so much bigger. I had 4 shoe shelves installed, as well as 3 wall hooks for my bags! Now I have visibility on all my bags, and plenty of space to walk around in my closet!

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