7 Costly Services to Try on Your Own

When you’re trying to get better with budgeting and saving money, the first place to look is at things and services you don’t really need. There are a few costly services to try on your own so you can keep a little extra cash in your bank account.

I want to say that this list is simply ideas to get you thinking. If any of these items (or anything in general) is a must-have for you, then don’t feel bad for keeping it. Think about the things you wouldn’t mind doing on your own, instead of paying someone for it. That’s where you can save money and feel good about it!

#1 – Mani/Pedis

Just like any normal girl, I love a good mani/pedi session! It’s so relaxing to be in a salon, sip some champagne and have your nails painted! However, there’s no beating the savings you get by just painting your own nails. Sure, it may not look as good as the professionals, but that’s okay. The point is that you are keeping more money in your wallet, and still having painted nails.

#2 – Car Washes

There are plenty of expensive car detailers out there. When your car is unbearable and needs a solid cleaning, that’s probably not something you’d want to do on your own. Once you have that deep clean done, you can keep up with the maintenance yourself. You can wash your car at home with soap and the outdoor faucet. You can then take it to a self-serve cleaning station and have it vacuumed. This is definitely one costly service you can do on your own.

#3 – Dog Grooming

If you have a bathtub, or don’t mind washing your dog outside, you can give them baths at home! It does require a little more effort on your part, but at least you can clean them on your terms and save money. You can also give your pups a trim – you just need some dog clippers. One thing I would leave to the professionals is trimming their nails.

#4 – Lawn Maintenance
I admit that this is a non-negotiable for me. I am not a lawn girl. Seriously…the last time I pulled weeds, I didn’t know I was pulling poison ivy at the same time. Since it was hot, I was wiping the sweat off with my arm. The next day, I had the poison ivy rash all over my face and arms. It was a true nightmare. After that, I vowed never to pull weeds again.

If you are fully capable of identifying poison ivy (unlike me), and don’t mind getting out in the garden, then lawn car is something you can do on your own and save some money doing so. I’ve known women who’ve pulled weeds, mowed their lawn, trimmed their bushes, and more. You are fully capable, if you want to!

#5 – Hair Color Changes

With the exception of highlights, I think hair color changes can be done on your own. Similar to all of the other services, it may not be done as good as the professionals, but there are plenty of DIY options available. Check out the article How to Dye Your Hair Without the Damage for more details. If you can do the touch-ups on your own and save the major changes for the salon, you can definitely save money.

#6 – Pick Up Take Out

This is another example of a service I can easily take advantage of that adds up quickly – food delivery. Just because I don’t want to leave my condo, I pay an extra $2.50-$10 each time I order food to be delivered. While that may not sound too crazy, it can add up fast. If you are ordering food 2 or 3 times a week, that quickly becomes close to $50 per month, depending on the delivery fee. If you know what want to order food, do so when you can pick it up after work. You also won’t have to wait for delivery – you can pick it up on your terms!

#7 – Create Your Own Website

This last service can be one of the most expensive of them all, if you hire it out. Since creating a website can be very time consuming, the hours add up and the bill gets expensive. If you have dreams of creating your own blog or website, consider doing it yourself. Again, it will take a lot of time, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it can be figured out. Check out How to Start an Online Business for my tips on getting your website up and running, whether it’s a business website or not!

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Sometimes, a little DIY can go a long way! Each of the services listed above are certainly nice to have done for you, but if you can manage to get one or more of them done yourself, saving money will be a no brainer! Are there any services you do on your own? What services are deal breakers for you to have? Post a comment below to share your feedback!

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