6 Ways to Spice Things Up in Your Relationship

Dating can be fun, especially when it is still in the honeymoon phase. You still feel that spark, and the butterflies are roaming around in your belly every time you see that special someone. The chemistry is there and you pray you never lose it. That’s where getting creative with ways to spice things up in your relationship can come in handy!

In many cases, there are couples who have been together for twenty plus years and still feel like they did when they first met their lover. On the other hand, there are the handful of couples who seem to lose their spark just after a few months of dating. Check out these six ways to spice things up in your relationship so you never lose that spark!

Make an effort in your appearance

In multiple cases, the reason why sparks are no longer there is because both parties no longer feel the need to make an effort in their appearance. You either stopped dressing up because you do not feel like it or perhaps let yourself go in other departments. Whatever the scenario for you, one word of advice is to try to look your best, regardless if you are in a relationship or not.

When you look good, it somehow signals to your brain that you feel good too. If you always dressed up prior to getting into a relationship then you should keep that same energy when you do get into a relationship. Making an effort in your appearance not only makes you feel good but it keeps your significant other interested as well.

Plan regular date nights

Planning regular date nights is not as stressful as you may imagine. Date nights can be fun and creative especially when the two of you take turns planning them. Depending on the schedule, perhaps planning a date night every week or month and each date can be something new and exciting.

I encourage you to try that new Thai restaurant or watch that new movie that just came out. Maybe even get creative a get a Mason jar and each of you put five fun things you would want to do and when date night rolls around you pick from the jar. Also, check out my article 6 At-Home Date Ideas to Save Money.

Surprise one another

Whoever said they do not like surprises must have had a bad childhood. I’m only kidding! Surprises can be fun and if surprised by the right person they can be really romantic and heartfelt. When you are first dating someone, part of the excitement comes from the unknown, and the fact that neither of you know what is going to happen.

Surprising someone can be difficult, so it is important to get a head start so the chances of something falling through is less likely. The longer you are with someone in a relationship, the more predictable and functional it becomes. Have fun and think outside the box!

Set the scene
Setting the scene can change a whole mood. If it is nice and romantic then of course the vibe is going to be nice and romantic. If the room is dirty and smelly, it’s common sense that nothing is going to take flight in that setting.

Setting the scene with candles and nice smelling aroma will instantly spice the mood up. Try purchasing scent of vanilla, jasmine, or even cinnamon to spice up the setting of the scene.


A deep tissue massage can have a person feeling sexy. Depending on if you want to perform the massage on each other or get them professionally done, a massage is the way to go to add some spice in a relationship.

The touch from your lover can give you chills! After a long stressful day of work, a massage can change that in an instance.  A foot massage, back massage, or even full body is a phenomenal way to loosen the tension and get close to your lover.

Get Touchy-Feely

There are different love languages that work for different people. If one of the love languages is touch for you and your beau, then definitely get touch-feely with them. It could be as simple as random soft kisses in different places, you know they like.

On the other hand, perhaps including some fun toy games just for the bedroom. Whatever is your preference have fun and let loose. Releasing inhibitions can make for a healthy and spicy relationship!

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Spicing things up does not mean you have to turn to things that make you feel uncomfortable. It is important to only try things that both you and your partner are comfortable doing. What types of species have you tried that you found work? Have you ever tried any of the ways we suggested? If so, how did they work for you? Try checking out our other social media accounts via Twitter and Instagram @citygirlsavings. In addition, if you have not checked out our Facebook page we highly encourage you to do so and join in on the conversation.

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