6 At-Home Date Ideas to Save Money

Having date nights can be fun, but expensive. The good news? You don’t have to spend tons of dollars to have a good time with your significant other. Has anyone else heard the saying, “Good food, good company, great listening music and a wonderful atmosphere? You can’t ask for anything better.” I’m a firm believer, thanks to at-home date ideas!

Date nights at home can be just as fun and memorable, compared to going out on the town. You can also have just as much fun without spending much at all! Check out 6 at-home date ideas to save money and ensure you still have a good time!

Make a Craft Together

What better way to enjoy a date night than creating something that can last forever? Perhaps you and your beau love drinking your favorite coffee or tea in the morning before you start your day. Making each other mugs to drink out of can be hilarious and fun all in one.

It’s super fun and very affordable! All you would need are few supplies to make this at-home date happen.  Two mugs, one for each of you to decorate for each other. A few art supplies depending on your creative juices.

As you may or may not know there are different types of paint you can use to paint mugs, but the paint you choose and the steps you take to protect the design depend on the mug’s surface.

If you were painting on a ceramic surface, acrylic paint and glass paint markers would be your best bet. You can also use acrylic paint on glass mugs, though you will need to add a sealant as a final step to ensure the paint does not chip. A little tip to ensure your mug comes out just how you like it; make sure you prime the glass before painting it by wiping it clean with a tack cloth.

Have a Tasting Party

Depending on what your favorite beverage is, you and your significant other should have a date night that consists of tasting all of your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. You can make a game of it, pour some into a glass, and take a moment to guess which drink it is.

Each one you get right, add a point and the winner can hold the title until the next time. This fun, chill date night can be done with just you and your love or make it a date night with other couples. This is the perfect date night at home, because you do not have to go far other than your local store to get the goodies. If alcohol is in the mix, make sure the other couples use Uber!

Couples Game Night

You can never go wrong with game night, especially when your boo is involved. A game night is the absolute best when staying home and looking to have a great time. Pick your favorite games like Connect Four and Twister, and let the best man win. Keep it fun and exciting by having wages of how many games each person won and at the end, the loser has to take a shot! This at-home game night is all in good fun and there will be a lot of laughter throughout the night.

Netflix & Chill
The infamous “Netflix and chill” is the modern-day movies and dinner. What better way to enjoy yourself without having to pay too much money?! “Netflix and chill” is great because there are always new Netflix films coming out. Um, hello…Birdbox?!

To make matters better, you will not have to feel pressured to get all dressed up and feel rushed because you do not want to miss any previews or dinner reservations. Order your favorite take-out and log into your Netflix account. It is simple and relaxing.

Romantic Home Cooked Dinner

Making a romantic home cooked dinner can be intimate and delicious. Something like the moves of chopping up vegetables, tasting new flavors, and sipping wine can be sweet and romantic with each other. While cooking, you can play your favorite jams in the background and sip on your favorite drinks to get the mood just right.

If you don’t have any idea of what to cook, websites like Pinterest and YouTube can help you along the way. If you want to have a one-shop stop, then using services like Freshly and HelloFresh are great! Cooking dinner together can be fun and yummy, because the two of you worked hard to create something so special.

Enjoy Quality Time

The entire purpose of having a date night is spend quality time with one another. To spend time with each other does not always include having to spend your entire paycheck on a night out. Quality time can definitely mean sitting next to the fireplace, having some tunes in the background, playing and asking each other how your days went, discussing future goals, and just being yourself.

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It’s not every day that dates can or should get accomplished at home. For some odd reason, there are misconceptions that if you are not getting in the car and driving somewhere that it has not considered a date. For the record, dates can be anything you want them to be. You can save money while enjoying quality time with your significant other.

Enjoying time with the person you care most about is what truly matters, not how much that person spends on you. What creative date nights have you experienced? Would you try one of the at-home date ideas on this list? Like and join our Facebook page to stay connected with all our latest posts. In addition, if you haven’t already, check out our other social media accounts Instagram and Twitter @citgirlsavings for all the fun tips!

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  1. I LOVE all of these ideas! I think “Netflix and chill” is the norm for my boyfriend and I, but it’s nice to have some ideas to try to ensure we aren’t stuck in a rut, but still sticking to the budget!

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