6 Tips for Living with a Significant Other

Roses are red, violets are blue, the CGS team has 6 little tips for living with your boo! Living with a significant other isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Like anything, it takes work and a lot of effort from both people to thrive while living together.

Emotions can run high when living with someone for the first time, especially when its someone you love and care about. The CGS Team has put together a few tips that can help with those love birds that are thinking about, or perhaps are already, living with each other.

Tips for living with a significant other

Stay Organized

When you move in with your babe, it’s important to stay organized for many reasons. The first being your place will initially be cluttered with your stuff and their stuff becoming our stuff! By maintaining a sense of organization, it will make the transition much easier.

When living with your significant other there should be a clear understanding of where things go and why. You may like your kitchen towels in a drawer while they may like them hanging around. Setting and maintaining a sense of organization for the two of you will make living together a lot easier.

Create Respectable Barriers

Living with someone means sharing your space. That does not mean your privacy is completely gone, but it does mean that a respectable barrier needs to be put in place. Being around a person 24/7 can be overwhelming, especially after a long day of work and you just want your alone time.

If the two you both work from home, it’s good to checkout from one another and pretend that you are both in your own offices until your work is complete. Of course, small talk here and there will happen, but keep in mind the barriers that need to be set to ensure both of your responsibilities are taken care of.

Get Flexible

Having flexibility in life can take you a long way. The ability to get out of your comfort zone and try something new is an awesome characteristic to have. When you’re living with a significant other, it’s mandatory to have some flexibility. Try not to nag over every little thing, instead compromise over household issues and such. Picking your battles wisely will help you keep your sanity, and your partner from resenting you.

Appreciate Alone Time

There isn’t a rule in the “living with your significant other” handbook that said your alone time is thrown out the window. A lot of times people are hesitant from moving in with each other because they are afraid of losing their alone time. You two can actually be in the same room and can work on completely different tasks.

One can work on an art project, listening to music through head phones, while the other is watching their favorite movie. There are always solutions to issues, keep in mind not to be quick in throwing in the towel when flustered. If you need a moment, step outside or take a long bath.

Use Your Strengths

Focusing on your strong points will keep your home and relationship in great spirits. If you are great at organizing then take lead in that area, compared to using the skills that you aren’t so great at. Team work makes the dream work! If one person is great at one thing and the other is great at another work together to make your home happy.

Everyone isn’t great at everything, and that’s okay! Focus on your strengths and what chores and things you like to do around the house. An alternative solution to playing up your strengths is taking turns with chores, and who does what around the house. Definitely have a system in place, to avoid feeling like you (or the other person) does everything.


Effective communication is a skill everyone should acquire. The worst thing to do when two people move in with each other is assumption. Assuming one person will do this because you did that. Communicating when the bills are due, and how you are going to pay them, along with grocery shopping and cleaning, are things that need to be discussed. When in your new living arrangement, communicate calmly, and clearly to the person what you’re trying to say to avoid any grey areas or confusion.


Whether it’s your first time around the rodeo living with your significant other or not, it’s vital to always be respectful and considerate of the person you’re living with. It’s been said that living with your beau can either make or break the relationship, but we like to think it’s up to the individuals to decide if that’s true or not!

What tips would you give to your friends about moving in with their beau? Do you think people should wait until they’re engaged or married to make that step? Stay up to date with City Girl Savings by following us on our other social media accounts: IG and Twitter @citygirlsavings. Also, like and comment on our very own Facebook page!

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