6 Ways to Simplify Your Day

Life has a funny way of taking control without you realizing, and then one day you wake up and you wonder where the time went. In order for you not to just float by and let the days pass you, it is important to really simplify your day and the things you do in it.

Many times, we go through the motions and fail to pay attention to the details, which can cause extra stress on us. Stress alone can be a silent killer, so why not take your life back and simplify your day? When you simplify your day, it leads to you simplifying your life which equals to you reaching your goals faster. Check out six ways you can simplify your day, and ultimately, simplify your life.

Fill Your Life with People You Love

Simplifying your day can be as simple as surrounding yourself with people who genuinely care about you. Removing those who do not serve a purpose in your life and only bring negativity can help remove tension and stress from your life. There is no way to live with people who do not know how to have fun and be positive. Eliminate toxic relationships. Detach and surrender the relationships that are not working for you.

Use Your Planner

If you do not have a planner, we highly encourage you to get one. Having a planner is such a necessity for people who want to stay on top of their daily tasks. Whether you like electronic planners and organizers, or the hard copy travel kind, there is a planner for you.

Whatever you planner preference is, use it regularly and keep it up to date. Checking your planner in advance of agenda items can help you not feel rushed to go from one meeting to another. Knowing what you have to do in advance can reduce some stress during your day. Planners are a great way to simplify your life and keep you organized and sane.

Give Less Time to Media

This is a tough one, thanks to the ease of accessing media! Giving less of your time to media can mean a variety of outlets. Take back your time from watching television, quit snooping on Instagram and complaining on Twitter and Facebook. Giving less of your time to media and more of your time to reading and learning you will make all the difference in your world. Unless, you plan on using social media for success!

Social media can be fun, but it can also be distracting. Sometimes we find ourselves with idle time and instead of using that time for something proactive we quickly log into social media mode. Just five minutes quickly turns into thirty and then procrastination sits in. Each day we want to encourage you to give less time to the stuff that is not giving back into your life and instead do something that is going to improve you, long-term.

Reduce Your Workload
Having too much going on at work can make a normal person go insane. It is vital to ensure you are not biting off more than you can swallow.  Reducing the amount of work responsibility you take on can help simplify your day and keep you productive. An overflow of work can lead to you being swamped and backed up on other projects.

If you have a team, be sure you divide the work up evenly that way everyone has a fair amount of contribution to getting things done. Reducing your workload can even be seen as getting ahead on a project and instead of diving back into another one, you take some time to reflect on all the hard work you put into the last project. Giving yourself a little pat on the back before diving head first into something else can simplify your life so much.

Let Go of Emotional Baggage

Saying farewell to that emotional baggage will reduce the amount of chaos that fills your day. Listen to your heart and let go of the negativity because you deserve the best and nothing but happiness. Sometimes emotional baggage can come from a bad relationship ending, or friendships falling out. Whatever is the scenario, it’s important to know what is for you and take the appropriate steps to getting back to happiness.

Say Yes Less

Do not feel pressured to always be the one to help, or be the one to make things right. Saying “yes” all of the time can be very unhealthy. You are not Wonder Woman; you cannot save everyone and do everything all at once.  Saying yes less will help simplify your day in seconds.

When you are constantly saying yes to everything, you are subconsciously saying no to yourself. Overextending yourself complicates your day and your life. Learn to tell others no when you do not want to do something.

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Simply making a few minor changes can result in major improvements. It is very important to recognize you own self-care and to stay on top of the things that seem to be stressing you out. What do you do to simply your day? Have you tried any of our tips? If so, how did they work out for you?  Like our Facebook page and stay up to speed with the best updates via Twitter and IG accounts @citygirlsavings.

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