6 Ways to Be Productive Over the Weekend

There’s not a single person I know who doesn’t look forward to the weekend, especially when working or going to school full time. Like clockwork, I hear “TGIF” every Friday…but I never here “TGIM”! While there will likely never be a time where week days are looked forward to more than weekends, that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive over the weekend as well!

Weekends are great for shifting your mindset from school or work to other things you want to get done. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a lot that you want to accomplish. Leveraging your weekends to help can be crucial to getting ahead faster. Check out 6 ways to be productive over the weekend and continually get stuff done!

Why Weekends Shouldn’t Just be for Relaxing

Before I dive into how to make the most of your weekend, from a productivity perspective, I want to talk about why the weekends shouldn’t just be for relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, after a busy work week nothing is better than mentally checking out. However, you don’t need to check out all weekend. That would make getting back to work on Monday much harder. Break out of the lazy shell and use part of your weekend to get good things accomplished!

As I mentioned earlier, weekends can be a great time to get things done that are important to you. Do you have a blog or side business? Do you want to get outdoors and go for a hike? Do you want to paint or take a class? With a hectic work week, all of those fun but little to no money-making things get pushed to the side. When you take advantage of your weekend, you can get those things done!

6 Ways to Be Productive Over the Weekend

#1 Think about what you want to accomplish, then get those things done first

You’ve probably experienced what it’s like to get things done with a plan or roadmap and without one. Obviously, you get more done when you have a plan. You know the most important things to focus on and anything not in the plan is not focused on. The same applies to your weekends. If you want to be productive with your Saturday and Sunday, go into the weekend with a game plan.

What do you want to accomplish over the weekend? Make a list of everything you’d like to get done. Make sure your list includes fun and “level up” related activities. For example, if you’d like to start a blog. Your weekend plan may have things like this on the list:

  • Research the first steps for starting a blog
  • Think about my blog name
  • Confirm my blog name is available
  • Read how my favorite bloggers got started

As you can see by the example, each of the tasks are simple and to the point. They also get you closer to your goal of starting a blog. You’ll feel so good crossing each item off the list as you get them done. Some tasks my run into the following weekend, and that’s perfectly fine.

#2 Work on your side hustle (or start a side hustle)

My clients know that I am a firm believer in following a solid budget. However, nothing makes a bigger impact on your situation than bringing in more money (after you’ve learned to follow a budget). The weekends can be a great time to work on your side hustle, or start one up! A side hustle can be fulfilling in many ways, including financially, mentally, and spiritually. You’ll never know how far you can take your side hustle if you never start one!

#3 Reflect on your goals
If you’re already in the workforce full time, I know you’ll relate to this. Time just flies by. Before you know it, you’ve racked up a couple years with your current employer and may be wondering where time went. The funny thing is that time keeps going, even if we don’t. If you have a goal and you put off getting started, time will keep going without you.

The weekends should be a time to reflect on your goals and where you want to be going. Do you have a game plan for your current job? Do you want to move up in that field or company? Don’t lose sight of the aspirations you have. Use the weekends to bring yourself back to your overall mission and strategize what moves you can make to help get you where you want to be. This isn’t a task that needs to be done every weekend, but the more ingrained your goals are in your memory, the more your daily actions will be tailored towards reaching those goals.

#4 Make your space clean and clutter free

Nothing is worse for your mental space than an environment full of clutter. Have you ever come home after a long day of work and everything in your home is a mess? Dishes are stacked in the sink. Clothes are all over the floor. Your bed isn’t made. Your home office desk is flooded with papers. Those things put you in a lazy vibe. A lazy vibe doesn’t make you feel good.

If you can’t clean up and reduce clutter throughout the week, use the weekends to make your space clean and free up the clutter. You can absolutely declutter your way to happiness. Be productive over the weekend by getting your home clean once and for all. You will notice a huge shift in your mood when you come home during the week. Just make sure you keep it that way! Otherwise, you lead a viscous cycle of cleaning and cluttering.

#5 Factor in unwind time

Just like your weekends shouldn’t be all about relaxing, they also shouldn’t be completely free of relaxing. There needs to be a balance between relaxation and productivity. Factoring in time to unwind over the weekend can set you up for a killer week. You get to clear your head of the previous week, leaving you fresh for the next week.

Unwind time looks different to everyone. Do something that takes your mind off of your responsibilities. You’ll feel like you’ve had the opportunity to step away from work for a little bit. This can also help reduce burnout. Everyone needs time to relax, in conjunction with time for grinding. Finding that balance will lead to ultimate productivity.

#6 Use Sunday nights to plan the week ahead

Since most people’s work-week starts on a Monday, I’m using Sunday for this example. Depending on when your work-week begins, you can change the day. Regardless, use the night before your work-week to plan the week ahead. What do you hope to get done during the week? What can you do that will help you reach your goals? When you properly plan your week, you can get more done. You’ll know what you need to focus on, and won’t lose sight of those focuses when things pop up. Read 5 Sunday Night Things to Do for a Week of Success for more tips.

Why You Should Always Find a Balance

I touched on finding a balance earlier in the article. The thing is, having that balance between work and play can be a game changer in how things get done. Think back to a time where you completely burned yourself out. You worked so hard to reach a certain goal or level, and didn’t stop until you got there. When you finally got there, you couldn’t even enjoy it because you were so drained.

That’s certainly one way to get the job done, but it’s not the best way. You’ll want to make sure you have time to mentally check out scheduled in between the ward work. Not only will this keep your mind sharp, it will help reduce your stress level and need for burn out. When you can avoid burning out, by taking care of yourself, you can extend the amount of time you keep the grind going.

The weekends are a perfect time to find a balance between work and personal life. If you do have a side hustle that needs tending to on the weekends, make sure you factor time to unwind in there somewhere. You’ll feel a lot better and see a difference in how effectively things get done. You can do it!

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I told you that you can use your weekends to be productive! Follow the tips above and you’ll be grinding like no other! I would love to hear some of the ways you are productive over the weekend! Leave a comment below to share your weekend rituals and how you stay productive without burning yourself out.

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