5 Sunday Night Things to Do for a Week of Success

Whoever said Sundays are just days to lay around had it twisted! Sundays are also days for people to get their lives in order and plan for the week ahead.  Whether that means recovering from the weekend, or setting the tone for the week ahead. Many times, people fall short in completing tasks because they do not hold themselves accountable. When a list is in order, there is pressure to check the outstanding items off until everything is completed.

Check out some helpful suggestions to help you get ready for the week ahead. Do these five Sunday night things for a successful week ahead!

Meal Prep

Meal prepping for the week can help you save a lot of time and money during the week. We’ve all been there. During the week, we get so caught up with what we are doing at work that we forget to pull the chicken out for dinner. The result of not pulling the meat out to thaw in time is that we are forced to spend extra money going out to eat!

Meal prepping is healthy, cost efficient and time saving! Sundays are the best day to meal prep because you have time to hit the grocery store and actually prepare the meal. When you complete your meal prep, switch up your meals! You can be in control of what you would like to prepare and when you would like to eat it.


When you get into the momentum of working out on Sundays, it kick-starts your week. When you set the tone of working out, whatever that is to you, it can help you relieve a lot of stress. You can go into the work week feeling like you’re ready to handle anything! To start the week off stress-free is the best way to do it.

When you work out, you release toxins from your body, therefore you are able to recharge yourself for the week ahead. Exercise is great for you because it not only keeps you healthy, but it maintains stress levels to a minimum. We all know how stressful work can be too!

Take Time for Yourself

So many people, especially women, forget that during the week they are being pulled in many directions and don’t have time set aside for just themselves. Taking a “me day” and using it on Sunday to help prep for the next week is essential. Taking time for yourself, whether that entails getting a spa day and relaxing, or going to your favorite coffee shop and reading your favorite novel, is something that should be ingrained in your routine.

Taking time out of the week to focus on you and doing the things that bring joy to you is important. It will help you move into the week with a happy and fresh vibe. A fresh of breathe air for you to reprogram and get things in order is perfectly fine when it comes to you and your mental health.


To help you get ready for the week, unplug on Sunday night! Unplug yourself from anything work related, or technology based. That means no phone or TV. Pop open a good book, read a couple magazines, or take a bath! When you unplug, you are able to recharge your mind, body, and soul. All mobile devices should be on airplane mode or do not disturb.

For your family and friends, let them know when you are alive and when they could be able to reach you in the event of an emergency. Unplugging is essential for you and your mental clarity! You need to let your mind rest and social media is the number one culprit that distracts our mind in the worst possible way.


If you need a day of rest after a long week, leverage your Sunday. There is no rule on how much you can rest on Sundays. It is important for our bodies to catch up on rest and recoup energy. Otherwise, things like stress and anxiety can take over. When your body has enough rest, it is able to function properly and perform the tasks that it needs to do. Unwind and get ready for a productive week!

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Sundays are well known for leveraging for a successful start of the week, so it is vital to have your ducks in a row and get prepared the best way possible. How do you like to get ready to have a successful week? Have you tried any of the Sunday suggestions above? What would you recommend to us? Post a comment below to share!

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