6 Things to Know About Lip Injections

Having cosmetic surgery done to enhance a personal feature is a big decision! Even something seemingly small like lip injections should be taken seriously. When you make the decision to undergo lip injections, be sure it’s something you just aren’t jumping into it because everyone else is.

According to CBS News in 2015, every twenty minutes a person undergoes lip augmentation. Thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner, Snooki and JWoww, and more, lip fillers are all the rage. If you are considering bigger lips, make sure to read these 6 things you should know about lip injections before you schedule your appointment.

Numb Lips

When you get lip injections, it’s a procedure where you don’t have to be put to sleep. The procedure is fairly quick and you’re actually awake the entire time. The doctor has to numb you lips to reduce the pain of the filler. Before the procedure, there is a numbing cream that’s applied for 30 minutes. Although the numbing cream is to help relieve the pain prior to the injection you still feel a slight pinch when the needle gets injected.

Quick Recovery

Once the injections have been filled into your lips, it doesn’t take very long for the recovery process to start. Most physicians say a recovery can last anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the bruising and soreness. Someone patients have been able get the procedure and go back to work the very next day. Depending on your body and how you feel after the injections, will determine the timing of your recovery.

Very Precise

Every lip is different which is why it’s typically not just one person in a room administering the injection. Lips are beautiful in every shape and color, however when setting injections into the lips, it’s important to have a team together to ensure the lips are even.

How it works is that a number of specialists are in the room with you while you’re getting your lip injections done. There is one injecting your lips with the filler, while the others are making sure your lips don’t look uneven.  There is nothing worse than having unsymmetrical lips, so it’s beneficial to have different views and angles checked when getting the procedure done.


You have to take the good with the bad, and as your lips may look amazing now, nothing great lasts forever. Make sure you keep in mind that once you’ve gotten the procedure, it won’t keep your lips looking full for the rest of your life. The procedure can last up to six months, depending on the patient. Also, you must take into consideration what lip filler was injected into your lips because every filler has different longevity timeframes. It’s a high maintenance procedure that requires a lot of up keep once you start.

Get a consultation

Getting a consultation is very important to have prior to making any final decisions. A consultation helps you walk through what exactly the procedure is and help you cope with any concerns you may have. Consultations will help you, and the physician injecting the fillers, get on the same page of exactly what you want. Also, it’s nice to hear the advice of a professional and what they think would be the best option for your face shape. Don’t feel rushed to make a decision. Take your time and think through what exactly it is you want.

Be Realistic

It’s vital to be realistic with yourself and the outcome that you’re hoping to get. Many times we idolize celebrities and the physical traits they have and want the same thing. Just because they have features we like doesn’t mean it will look good on our bodies. The shapes of lips are not always feasible to copy closely. Many physicians are given pictures of lips that patients want but are not realistic with themselves and their current lips. Along with the idol lips you want, they may not fit on your face the way you imagine.

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Lip injections are not for everyone, but if they are for you then definitely take into consideration these tips prior to getting your procedure done. Have you gotten the procedure done? Would you recommend to a friend to get this done? Share with us your story; we’d love to hear how your experience went. Like and follow us on our Twitter & Instagram account @citygirlsavings. Also, check out and stay connected with us via our Facebook page!

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