6 Things That Always Go on Sale

Just about everyone goes on sale, however some items are consistently found on discount. This means that if you’re paying full price for something that will go on sale next month, you’re missing out on potential savings. Often times, we are caught up in the impulse or “shopping high” that comes with a new purchase that we fail to wait until it actually does go on sale.

Delayed gratification can do wonders for your wallet. The CGS Team is sharing 6 things that always go on sale. Since these 6 things can continuously be found on sale, you will never pay full price for these items again, as long as you can wait until the next sale!

6 things that always go on sale…

#1 Clothes

Every retailer, even designers, put their items on sale. Some retailers may hold sales more frequently than others, but at least once or twice a year, everything goes on sale.  Here are some examples of retailers that consistently have sales:

  • Express
  • Macy’s
  • New York and Company
  • Ann Taylor

You can expect the retailers listed above to have sales every month or two. These are great options for picking up a few key pieces you may be missing from your wardrobe, and not wanting to wait too long for your purchase.

Here are some examples of retailers that rarely have sales, but when they do, the sales are great:

  • Nordstrom (Annual Anniversary Sale)
  • Victoria’s Secret (Semi-Annual Sale)
  • Net-a-Porter (Seasonal Sales)

If you can hold out for your clothing purchases for one of the sales listed above, you may be able to get everything you need until the next annual sale!

#2 Electronics

Electronics, specifically TVs, Blu-Ray Players, and gaming systems, can be found on sale throughout the year. As newer electronic products come into the market, older (but still good quality) products are reduced in price. However, not all sales are created equal, partly because there is no shortage of options when it comes to shopping for your electronics. Figure out what you want, then comparison shop for the best price. If you can wait until Black Friday to get your electronics, you may find even more savings.

#3 Furniture

Most furniture stores hold sales around the holidays. If you are moving anytime soon, or in the market for a few key pieces, wait until the next Memorial Day or Fourth of July sale. Since furniture is not cheap, even a discount of 5-10% can save you a lot of money. Similar to electronic purchases, make sure you shop around for the best deal and the best product. Furniture stores have their own way of pricing, so don’t limit yourself to just one or two stores.

#4 Holiday Decorations

Since holidays only come around once a year, we often forget about purchasing décor items until right before the holiday rolls around. The best time to pick up holiday decorations is right after the holiday has passed. Since most retailers don’t have any room (or desire) to showcase holiday décor items after the holidays are gone, they often host huge sales on decorations.  Avoid overpaying for your holiday décor by keeping it simple with DIY décor this year, then taking advantage of the sales when the holiday passes. Here are a few CGS articles on the DIY décor topic:

  • Halloween DIY Décor
  • DIY Christmas Cards
#5 Gym Memberships

Obviously, the biggest discount you’ll get on gym memberships is right at the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of sales throughout the year. Gym membership signups tend to drop in March and April and spike back up for the summer months. Shop around for different gyms during off-peak workout times to see what sale options are available to you.  You can also check with your employer to see if they have any specials with certain gyms.

#6 Jewelry

Did you know jewelry is often marked up in price by almost 100%? This means there is plenty of wiggle room on the price. Often times, if you ask for 10-15% off the purchase price, you’ll get it. You can also wait for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the winter holidays, when most jewelers tend to put their precious pieces on sale.

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If you need any of the items listed above, wait until they go on sale! You won’t be without your “want” item for too long! Are you an impulse shopper, or can you wait until your item goes on sale? Are there any items you only purchase if they are actually on sale? We want to hear your sale snags! Leave a comment below to share.

-The CGS Team



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