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5 Items To Snag on Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again! Where friends and family begin to gather around and enjoy each other with gifts and love. While many look forward to great laughter, others seek to snag the hottest items on Black Friday! That elusive day where just about everything goes on sale and the top purchases can be made. Whether it’s your favorite gadget or a must-have accessory, Black Friday is the prime time to get your needed items at a discounted price.

Yes the lines are long, and the crowds are out of control, but don’t let that stop you from getting the things you’ve waited for all year long. Check out a few of our tips for maximizing your Black Friday shopping day in the Savvy Shopper’s Black Friday Guide, and check out 5 great items to always get on Black Friday below.


High end stores will definitely have sales for you to snag your favorite fashion. Most common retailers will have sales up to 50% off for their shoppers to splurge on clothing items. In most cases, the entire store is on sale so everything is cheaper. Some stores even off special freebies or goodies to customers who come in at off times like midnight on Black Friday.

Doorbuster deals are always in affect at popular department stores like Macy’s and JC Penney. If you want to get more bang for your buck, shop at local outlets. A few outlets known for participating in Black Friday sales are Nordstrom Rack, Last Call Neiman Marcus, and Saks OFF 5th. They even share their deals online, in case one isn’t near you!


We recommend paying close attention to your favorite stores, so you don’t miss out! Even shoes get discounted on Black Friday. Depending on which items you’re eyeing, if your style of shoe isn’t on sale during Black Friday try cyber Monday! Score the best deals when shoe shopping whether it be sneakers, boots, or heels! If you receive email discounts prior, take into consideration that additional discounts are usually applied during Black Friday. Do your best to hold out for the Black Friday sales!


Many furniture stores sway away from Black Friday goers. If you happen to catch a retailer promoting Black Friday don’t be shy to peek inside to see what items are discounted. Whether the items are random, or something you’ve been missing from your living room collection, some furniture stores do have major sales.

IKEA participates in Black Friday deals to help their customers get their home decor items at a lower cost. When shopping for furniture during Black Friday, be mindful of tarnished items. It can get very packed in the stores, which makes it easy to overlook small details on damaged items.

Gadgets and Electronics

Technology, electronics and gadgets are typically the number one item purchased during Black Friday. Tablets, computers, TVs and more often see major discounts on the shopping day. If you’ve been meaning to get a new TV or electronic for your home, now is the time to indulge. Why not start the New Year off with some new technology? Similar to furniture, be mindful of the gadgets you purchase because sometimes employees place defects on the floor unknowingly to be sold. Always check with the company for their holiday return policy.


Make-up and beauty deals are a must have for the holidays! During Black Friday you should use this time to stock up on all your favorite shades. If the items you love run out during Black Friday, remember cyber Monday is just as great and the stock is typically higher than in store. Stores like Sephora, Ulta, and a few others will be participating in Black Friday discounts this year, so start looking now at what you may need to stock up on. MAC cosmetics will also be having an annual Black Friday sale with exclusive one-day offers!


People wait all year round to partake in Black Friday. Some CGS Members have been on a Spending Fast to really make the most of Black Friday! Shop smart, be kind, and have fun! Black Friday is the time of year that you get to splurge on what you want for a lower price. Do you take advantage of Black Friday deals? What items are you looking to snag on Black Friday this year? Post a comment below to share!

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