6 Healthy Living Rules to Help You Feel Amazing

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I understand the importance of being healthy. It’s one of my major focuses for 2024, and I even have the following journal affirmation: “My body is a temple that I cherish”. Healthy living is something we should all be striving for, as early as possible. I firmly believe health is wealth…because without our health, it won’t matter how much money we have!

As I get older, I have been trying new and different ways to keep my mind and body healthy. I’m not just talking about daily workouts and morning meditations, but those things help as well! I’m sharing 6 healthy living rules to help you feel amazing. Start instilling these rules into your normal daily routine, and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

6 Healthy Living Rules to Help You Feel Amazing

#1 Stand every hour, throughout your work day

This is especially important for those of us who work from a computer most of the day. Our bodies are not designed to be sitting all day! As I get older, I’m noticing the impacts that sitting has on my hips and back, even after my daily workouts! I have a notification on my Apple Watch that reminds me to stand every hour. I have a goal of getting 12 stand hours in a day.

Unfortunately, hourly standing alone isn’t going to cut it. Leverage that standing time to stretch or walk around – get your body moving! I’ve noticed some lingering back pain – not severe, but uncomfortable. Once I started stretching, the pain began to subside. A great healthy living rule is to stand and stretch regularly. You’ll feel the difference as you age!

#2 Make it a point to get your steps in

When I worked in corporate America, they would have an initiative once a year for a quarter where everyone’s goal was to get 8,000 steps in a day. That’s about 4 miles. The teams that would get the most steps in would get prizes. I’m so grateful for this because it opened my eyes to how important walking is for our bodies.

Now, I strive to get 10,000 steps in everyday, Monday through Friday. I give myself the weekends off, but still walk my dogs. Not only will getting high amounts of steps in help your body, you may see some weight start to shed! Start your day with a walk outside. Take breaks at work and walk around your house or office building. Get your steps in every day so you feel your best.

#3 Keep processed foods to a minimum

This is such a hard rule to follow but it’s probably one of the most important healthy living rules. Processed foods plague our country. Most foods, snacks and drinks we’re used to consuming have additives, preservatives, and bioengineered ingredients. These things are terrible for our bodies.

If you’ve never paid much attention to the ingredients in the foods you eat, start now. Over time, work to reduce the number of processed foods you eat on a regular basis. I know this won’t be easy – there are so many processed foods down each and every grocery aisle but do your best to try. I’ll be right there with you, checking the label!

The best thing you can do is shop organic, but I know that’s much more expensive. You can still opt for natural, whole foods and your local grocery store. Check out CGS Podcast Episode 94 – Sticking to Your Grocery Budget for some tips and meal ideas.

#4 See your doctor regularly and get bloodwork done

The older we get, the more important our doctor’s visits become. Annual check-ups, screenings and physical reviews can help ensure no new health issues have popped up. For women, annual pap smear screenings are critical. Men have their own things to worry about, so annual visits are important for them too!

It’s also important to get bloodwork done regularly. Check your hormone levels, your cholesterol levels and for any viruses, infections, or diseases. CVS has “Minute Clinics” where you can go get quick bloodwork tests done and get the results instantly. The cost is very affordable, if you don’t have insurance or have high deductibles.

#5 Have occasional sugar, caffeine and alcohol fasts

One thing I love to do once or twice a year is a juice cleanse. 4 to 7 days of juices only. No caffeine, no food, no sugar, nothing but juice and water. My body always feels so much better when I do these cleanses. Not to mention, it puts into perspective how strongly my body relies on coffee – those caffeine withdrawal headaches are brutal. I share my experience in the article I Did a 7 Day Juice Cleanse and Here’s What Happened.

If you don’t want to go as extreme as a juice cleanse, do mini fasts! Avoid sugar, caffeine, or alcohol for a certain number of days. I’d recommend 5 days or more, so you give yourself time to notice the difference after the withdrawal symptoms have subsided. You’ll show yourself that you’re capable of saying no to things that aren’t great for your body and feel better in the process!

#6 Read more physical books

My final healthy living rule is to read more physical books. Audiobooks are great because you can listen while you do other things, but reading a physical book has benefits audio books don’t. You have to be more focused with a physical book, you learn to articulate words better and it can help improve your speaking and communication skills.

Get yourself a library card and start reading! If you don’t typically read physical books, start with a goal of finishing 1 book. Then, set a goal of finishing a second book. The more you read, the faster and better you’ll become at reading. Need some ideas? Check out 6 Books Every Girl Should Read for some of my favorites!

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Healthy living isn’t just about the number on the scale. It’s about how you feel in your own skin. There are a lot of healthy living rules we can all implement, so prioritize the ones that will have the biggest impact on your health. Do you have any healthy living rules that you live by? What are some of your major health focuses right now? Share with the CGS community by leaving a comment below, or in the City Girl Savings Facebook group!

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