#94: Sticking to Your Grocery Budget with Coach Rachel Coons

One budget category that usually gets us all in one way or another is the Grocery category.

With rising costs of food, the urge to ditch the ingredients in the fridge and order take out, and a premium for healthy, organic food, it’s no wonder most of us can’t seem to keep our grocery spending in check.

Thankfully, Grocery Budget Coach Rachel Coons is here with us to help make sure we stick to those budgets!

In this episode, Rachel is going to share how she feeds her family of 6 for $700/month, where to save the most money when grocery shopping, and how to stick to the grocery budget!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [03:44] Rachel came up with the SHOP method, which helps people cut their grocery bills in half. She breaks down the method.
  • [10:45] Rachel helps drive home the point that spending money isn’t bad and that budgeting and money management can be logical, not just emotional.
  • [19:12] Raya hates going to the grocery store, and she’s not alone. Rachel introduces the concept of grocery delivery and pick up.
  • [25:54] Rachel shares that taking her kids to the grocery store is a recipe for disaster. She gives additional guidance on succeeding when at the grocery store.

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