6 Fun Summer Getaway Locations to Explore

6 Fun Summer Getaway Locations to Explore

These days, summer getaway locations are looked forward to all year long! It’s a time to ditch the snow boots and rain gear, and pull out all your favorite daisy dukes and go-to sunscreen. I mean, who doesn’t love the moment summertime starts?! Especially with the thoughts of summer vacation!

The options are endless when it comes to finding the best summer getaway locations. Summer holiday is great for many reasons including spending time with those who you don’t have access to during the year. Whether it’s a summer vacation with the girls or a family affair, I know these six summer getaway locations to explore will have you refreshed and rejuvenated for the rest of the year ahead.

Summer getaway locations to explore!

#1 Yellowstone National Park
Pictures just won’t give Yellowstone National Park it’s glory. It’s hands down one of the most stunning natural beauties in the United States. There are a ton of things to explore and partake in when visiting during the summer. If you are an outdoor type of person then this getaway location is just for you.

They have so many trails they to offer. One of the most go-to areas at the Yellowstone National Park is the Old Faithful geyser. If you’re interested in planning a summer getaway here – you’re going to be in for tons of fun and nature. Aside from the intriguing wildlife activity, there are usually some events happening in the towns around the park, including summer festivals.

#2 Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

This is one getaway that will have you questioning if you’re still in the States! Kayaking and fishing are top things to do in Cape Cod, especially in the summer. A few of the most notable beaches to visit are Herring Cove in Provincetown and Nauset Beach in Eastham.

Don’t sleep on Massachusetts in the summertime months! Be sure to plan and make reservations so you can truly enjoy the pristine beaches and quaint villages with old-fashioned ice-cream parlors. How exciting is that?!

#3 Outer Banks, North Carolina 

Have you caught the Netflix series Outer Banks? Well, if you haven’t that’s totally okay! Unlike the crazy adventure the cast goes on, I’m sure you’ll get much more relaxation in this destination. Outer Banks is North Carolina’s barrier islands.

There is so much Outer Banks has to offer in the summertime – you don’t want to miss out. Some of the main attractions this location has to offer are the breath-taking Atlantic Ocean views and the dramatic sand dunes. 

#4 Kauai, Hawaii
If there is absolutely one place you are going this summer make sure it’s Kauai, Hawaii. I mean let’s keep it real… anywhere in Hawaii is gorgeous, but if you haven’t been to Kauai, I highly suggest you go peep it out for a week or two. You can even make it longer and island hop!

Summer is the ideal time to visit because the weather is phenomenal, and the water is refreshing. Kauai truly has the best of all the natural features the Garden Island can to offer! So, if you’re making plans this summer vacation make sure it includes the warm sea breeze of Kauai, your favorite cocktail and lots of sunscreen.

#5 Grand Canyon, Arizona 

When planning your summer getaway this year, I suggest you get started as soon as possible and avoid waiting until the last minute. Listen to the CGS podcast episode Vacation Planning on a Budget for some tips! The Grand Canyon is one place you should certainly explore if you have not already! If you don’t know, this getaway location is one of the most iconic, family-friendly American summer vacation spots due to its amazing views.

There are quite a few hiking trails you can explore as well as look-out spots in the Grand Canyon that are seriously worth exploring in the summer. Though summertime is the ideal time of year to travel to this getaway, I suggest you plan in advance, just in case any excursions you want to partake in require reservation ahead of time. Seeing as it will be warmer weather try looking into rafting on the Colorado River as well!

#6 Grand County, Colorado 

Grand County is like a picture from a Windows screensaver. It’s so beautiful and breath-taking you won’t want to go back home. The Grand County located in Colorado is one getaway you must explore during the summer months.

In the summer the weather is warmer, and you will see first-hand just how wild the outdoor life is. Let’s just say plants and flowers are at their peak and ready for you to gaze at. Try something new like learning to ride a horse or even experience what true ranch life is like.

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Ditch the usual summer plans this year and try for one of these cool getaways to explore! Would you ever consider traveling to any of these places for the summer? What is one place you traveled to in the summer that you would totally go back to?

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