5 Ways to Smooth Neck Wrinkles

Growing older has its perks and blessings but we would be remiss to say with another year older comes everything else… including wrinkles. Sure, wrinkles are a tell-tale sign on women exposing their years, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

Though some find it beautiful, others want to avoid them like the plague. To a great deal of women wrinkles are just a sign of beauty fading. Check out these five ways to smooth your neck wrinkles while still living your best life!

#1 Massaging

They say when you get older gravity tends to work overtime. Basically, what was once tight tends to loosen up. However, the elasticity of a person’s skin does play a factor in how quickly they begin to wrinkle. Skin elasticity is the skin’s ability to stretch and snap back to its original shape. The older we get, the less elastic our skin becomes.

Massaging your neck with your preferred skin tightening cream has shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the neck. Once you have your preferred cream, apply to your target area using quick strokes in an upward motion. From the collar bone all the way to your jawline, be sure to apply your preferred cream until concealed into your skin. This routine will help to smooth out any visible wrinkles.

#2 Exfoliate

Yes, you’re reading that correct! It’s important to exfoliate your skin when doing your facial routine. Unless you forgot, exfoliating assists in keeping your skin baby soft and silky smooth, removing any dead skin cells lingering around. Failing to remove dead skin cells makes your skin dull and dry looking, making the appearance of any wrinkle more visible. When you exfoliate your skin, it helps stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, which are very important for anti-aging!

Exfoliating your skin and neck helps to improving the blood circulation which minimizes the appearance of loose skin and improves skin elasticity. It will also enhance your all over glow and radiance. You should exfoliate at least twice a week. No more than that, so you do not strip away all your natural oils! Once you have exfoliated follow it by applying your preferred moisturizer to lock in the glow. As you get older your skin naturally will change. Exfoliating is the best kept secret to balancing your glow up.

#3 Moisturizer

Moisturizing your neck twice a day can help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the neck, in addition to slowing down the process of them forming. Some medical experts have chimed in and agreed that applying lotions, creams and serums that include the ingredient vitamin C is most effective.

One other ingredient that has been found in moisturizers that is very useful is retinol. For those wondering how retinol helps: it speeds up the process of cell turnover to help slow the aging process as well as producing a younger, softer-looking skin with less visible wrinkles. Olay Regenerist is one of the most popular products with retinol (affiliate link).

#4 Botox

If you’re not afraid of needles, then give Botox a try. Botox involves the injection of a small amount of botulinum toxin into the skin. The injection of Botox in your neck (or any place for that matter) blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles resulting in the appearance of wrinkles softening and appearing less visible.

Depending on the history of a person, Botox varies on how long it lasts. Generally, it lasts anywhere between 3-4 months, although some women have noticed the duration lasting a little longer. Like anything in the world there are side effects, so prior to getting Botox we suggest consulting with your primary care physician or medical expert.

#5 Surgery

While there are proactive approaches to reducing the appearance of wrinkles on your neck some women prefer to opt for surgery. Now depending on your comfort level of going under this may be a last resort for some. There are a variety of different procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

One procedure in particular removes a small amount of skin from your neck area and stretches it back to its previous position. This method allows the neck skin to appear tighter and firm. If interested in this method keep in mind anesthesia is used, and recovery time varies depending on your age and medical history.

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Remember ladies, give yourself some grace because beauty is only skin deep. Wrinkles are inevitable but if you are trying to slow the process down then take heed to the above. If you are noticing wrinkles coming through on your neck, what have you done to help reduce the appearance? Would you try any of the suggestions we have shared, is so which one?

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