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5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s no better time to celebrate a dad than on Father’s Day. This celebration comes once a year, so why not budget ahead and splurge a little on the old man?! If your dad is the type that talks a big game and says he doesn’t want anything, I’m telling you in this very moment it’s a lie and he’s testing you!

Of course, parents want to be acknowledged for all their years of service in raising you, so get dad something you know he’ll enjoy. Check out these five unique father day gift ideas to get him smiling!

#1 Personalized Gifts
There is something about personalizing a gift that just adds the perfect touch! It stands out from the rest of the gifts and every time your dad takes a look at it, a small smirk will run across his face as he remembers how cool of a child he has!

You can pretty much personalize anything these days which is one reason why this gift fell on our five unique Father’s Day gifts. From books to articles of clothing, even electronics and much more! A nice touch could be a photobook from Shutterfly, created by you!

#2 Electronics

Gifting, on occasions like Father’s Day, can sometimes be stressful. Do you want to lean into the sentiment of the holiday, or perhaps taps into his funny bone? Maybe even recognizes his talent and passions? Nonetheless, for most men, you can never go wrong with electronics.

Whether it’s gifting him with the latest device on the market or getting him a new charging pad for all his various electronics. Electronics are so cutting edge that we think any father would be appreciative in receiving them unless he just isn’t into them (which is okay too!)

There are tons of cool tech gifts and gadgets that can be considered as an awesome gift for Father’s Day. From smart home assistances such as Echo, Google Nest or even the Honeywell Home Smart Home Security system. Assess what he has, then decide on a nice electronic addition! 

#3 George Foreman Grill

If your dad loves to cook, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with a George Foreman Grill! As you may be aware, this grill is very convenient to use, and the clean-up is a breeze. It cooks the food evenly and quickly. What many customers aren’t aware of is the technology behind the grill that makes the food you are preparing a little healthier.

Upon purchasing the George Foreman Grill, it will also come with a wide range of recipes for your pop to jump into action to start cooking it up in the kitchen! This small kitchen appliance is a cross between a sandwich machine and an indoor grill.

The nice thing about this gift is that it comes in different sizes. It’s perfect for the dad that likes to cook indoors, or for the dad who enjoys grilling in the backyard on the weekends while kids and grandkids are swimming in the pool!

#4 The Ultimate Beard Collection
Beard gang or don’t bang! If your dad has a full-grown beard or is in the process of growing one, then this gift is right up his alley. Guys are investing in their beards these days, so why not help him with the maintenance process?! The Viking Revolution Beard Kit is a great start.

Whether you decide to get just one item or a whole collection, you have to make sure beard oil is included. For the newbies out there, beard oil absorbs better into beards and goatees, giving a more natural shine and healthy hydration. Invest this year into your dad’s beard journey and I’m sure he’ll forever be in debt to you.

#5 Massage Gun

This gift is ideal for dads who are always having the worst tight muscles in the strangest places. Each massage head targets a different trouble spot: calves, arm muscles, shoulders and other common pain points. It doesn’t matter the line of work your dad does, he can benefit from one of these!

Whether he’s in construction, stays at home or works out of an office – this gift will not be wasted. You can order yours today from Amazon and your dad will be thanking you until the end of time. You can consider this gift as cool as having a personal massage therapist at your fingertips – literally and figuratively. 

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It’s so important to celebrate the people who matter in your life. Tomorrow is never promised, so shower your loved ones every moment you can. Whether they are near or far when celebrations arise – don’t ever skip it. What are some of the most unique Father’s Day gifts you have gifted? Would you ever gift any of the ones we suggested? Like and follow us on our Meta and IG @citygirlsavings.

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