5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas that Won’t Hurt Your Budget

As we all know, the world doesn’t stop for anyone or anything—and that includes your bank account! However, you don’t have to have a lot of money to give fabulous gifts. Thoughtful gift ideas come from the heart!

Those of us with limited budgets have to apply a little creativity to be able to show our appreciation to friends and loved ones. Check out these five thoughtful gift ideas that won’t hurt your budget, but will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Budget-friendly thoughtful gift ideas…

#1 A Gift They Can Read
You might be thinking that gifting a book is boring and basic, but it all depends on the genre of book and the person receiving it! As you’re browsing your local bookstore, keep the recipient and their personality and interests in mind. Are you shopping for someone who would jump at the latest adventure novel, devour a self-help book, or sneak in the occasional gossip magazine?

Once you’ve thought through the type of material they enjoy, picking a great and inexpensive gift should be a snap. Most books won’t cost too much, and there are plenty of formats to pick from, including hardcover, paperback, and e-books, all of which have different prices.

#2 A Keepsake Gift

When considering a keepsake gift, think about the person you’re shopping for and specific events you’ve experienced together. Keepsakes should be a gift from the heart and given to someone you care for deeply—they are precious items that can last a lifetime and beyond.

However, a keepsake gift doesn’t have to be expensive! It’s the personalization that makes the gift meaningful. For example, you could print out high-quality photos of a favorite vacation or night out with that person and put them in a nice frame.

A keepsake gift is not only thoughtful, but can be affordable if you apply a little creativity. The benefit is that when someone receives such a gift, the thoughtfulness that inspired it is clear.

#3 A Gift They Want
Being about to treat someone to an item you know they’ve been eyeing is one of the coolest feelings—especially when you’re lucky enough to find that gift on sale or within your price point! A gift like this shows the recipient that you pay enough attention to them to know exactly what they wanted.

When tracking down a gift like this, it helps to browse multiple retail stores or websites to find the best deal. If something is really outside your price range, you could always ask another friend or family member to split the cost with you and give the gift as a pair or group.

As with a keepsake gift, a truly thoughtful gift transcends what is clearly visible on the outside and shows the recipient that you appreciate them.

#4 A Surprise Gift

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones no one sees coming! While it’s great to get a gift you know your recipient was already hoping for, there is a lot of joy in unexpected surprises.

One of the best, and cheapest, surprise gifts is a handwritten letter paired with a gift card to their favorite store. The letter can be funny, deep, or cheerful, but it should reflect sincere sentiments on your part. This is one of the best types of surprise gifts, because it comes straight from the heart.

#5 A Gift they Need

Given that the world is still in pandemic limbo, it can be hard to get together in person to exchange gifts. However, it’s not essential to be face-to-face for a gift to have a big impact—and the gift itself doesn’t need to be big or expensive to make an impact. A gift of something that the recipient needed but didn’t expect can be amazing!

A lot of times, people get caught up thinking about items they want, and forget about the things they actually need. This could be anything from a fresh set of essential items to new apparel. Be the person who purchases an item someone needs, and watch how they light up when they realize you remembered.

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 Gifts should always be offered from the heart, no matter what, and every gift should be purchased thoughtfully. Have you ever found the perfect thoughtful gift that stayed within your budget? Let us know what it was!

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