5 Wedding Gift Ideas on a Tight Budget

Does it ever feel like you attend wedding after wedding in a short amount of time? Planning a wedding isn’t cheap, but neither is being a guest! When you have a lot of weddings to attend in a short period of time, you need some wedding gift ideas that a budget-friendly and overall affordable!

When all your friends or acquaintances are getting married at the same time, you could be spending a lot more money on gifts than you planned on! The CGS Team is sharing a few affordable wedding gift ideas, so you can stay within your budget and still get the happy couple a great gift.

Digital Photo Frame

There are so many pictures taken at a wedding, and the honeymoon! Why have the couple limit their selection to just one picture to make the frame? A digital photo frame is a great way for your friends to share their favorite pictures from the big day and the honeymoon after. With frames starting as low as $34.99, like this Aluratek Digital Photo Frame, you don’t have to spend a ridiculously high amount!

Something Monogrammed

The great thing about something monogrammed is that you aren’t limited in what you choose, and it’s extremely personal! Inscribing the couple’s initials, last name, or wedding date on something like coffee mugs, vases, pillow cases or aprons will surely be a hit! These are all items the couple will use, and it’s made specifically for them.


We love this budget-friendly wedding gift idea! Once the honeymoon is over, the bride and groom will certainly have a lot of thank you notes to write. Make their lives a little easier by getting them stationary! There are plenty of affordable options, from cards and envelope to stickers and pens, that will be welcomed by the couple.

Fun Experiences

Luxurious gifts are nice, but experiences where the couple can make memories are even better! Give the gift of experience! Cooking classes, couples’ massages, beer crafting classes and wine-tasting events are all great options for newlyweds. These experiences and events may be more than your traditional gift, but you can find some great deals.

Cash, Stocks or Gift Cards

When all else fails, or the least expensive registry items are taken, cash and gift cards always do the trick. Everyone welcomes money, especially a new couple. There may be unforeseen wedding costs, or over-budget vacations, so cash and gift cards can help take some of the financial burden off. Never feel like cash or gift cards are a thoughtless gift. Anyone can get good use out of them!

You can also purchase stock certificates for the lucky couple! Set them up on the right financial track by purchasing stocks. Stockpile makes it very easy to gift stocks to anyone! You can have it sent prior to or just in time for the wedding!

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Wedding presents don’t have to be expensive and over-budget! Get creative with your gift giving and remember that it’s the thought that counts! How do you prepare for wedding season? What are some of your go-to wedding gifts? Share your gift ideas and wedding experiences by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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  1. This is a great article because I am attending a wedding and needed some advice on wedding gifts. This was a huge help digital frame I like that since they like to take plenty of pictures.

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