5 Tips to Shop for Clothes with No Regrets

A friend getting engaged – have to purchase a new top. A cousin is having a baby shower – need to get new dress.  You just got a promotion at the job and want to go out and celebrate – of course you need new shoes! These should be occasions where you shop for clothes with no regrets!

Why is it when we are going out somewhere, we feel the need to purchase new items that end up sitting in our closet for another 365 days while we complain we don’t have anything to wear? We have to get better…LET’S get better! I’m not just talking with our finances but our wardrobe choices too. Check out these five tips for the next time you go shopping and don’t leave the store with any regrets!

#1 Shop with a purpose

Shopping with a purpose is one of the best tips for buying things without having the aftermath of regret. When you know what you want, you know you will not be disappointed with the purchase. It is crazy how much a person will spend on clothes because they think they need an item so desperately. Only to realize they have the same or similar items in their closet and immediately the feeling of regret covers their body.

When you shop with a purpose, it eliminates the possibility of you purchasing something that you will one day regret. Ensuring a purpose when shopping simply means you are going to the store knowing exactly what it is you want and not just winging it. You likely already have the funds set aside for the purchase too!

#2 Stay in your budget

When you stay within your budget, you are less likely to overspend and regret the purchase when you get home. Have a set spending budget whenever you go out shopping, that way if you come across an item you really like, you can make the decision of spending it all on it or finding something less expensive.

It’s important to give yourself a realistic budget. You know darn well tops aren’t five bucks, so why play yourself and your pockets?! Not to mention, if they are that cheap, then nine out of ten times it may be a regretful buy that you wish you didn’t make.

Keeping it real with yourself and setting the spending limit at a number that is realistic and not breaking the bank is vital to not having disappointment when buying clothes. Perhaps $50 could be a good starting number? That way you have some wiggle room to buy one item, two items, or even a whole outfit. 

#3 Avoid Clearance Racks

Clearance racks can be our best friend and worst enemy all in one. Oddly, you would think City Girls Savings would encourage you to shop at the clearance racks – however it’s critical to know that people will buy something just because it’s discounted and not really like it, compared to purchasing something that could cost a little more.

A lot of times, customers go straight to the clearance racks because they think they may be getting more for their buck. Usually, greed sets in and they end up buying more than what they originally wanted, which results in them having shopping remorse.

Listen up ladies; we are here to share that just because it is on the sale rack it does not mean you have to buy it. Sure, take a peek, after all you never know what steals you may find, but do not feel the need to buy the entire rack just because you see a mark down. 

#4 Shop with like-minded people
Shopping with friends that are not frugal, and constantly impulse buy are not the best people to spend money with. They will literally have you go into debt, wondering where all your money went, just because you tried to keep up. You’ll want to shop with like-minded people because they will keep you on track, which will lessen the chances of you purchasing something that you will regret.

Going shopping with folks that just buy stuff to buy stuff will have you wanting to follow along and buy things that you don’t need and probably don’t really like anyways. When you shop with your friends that have similar spending habits, it helps you get a second opinion. You can bounce fashion ideas off one another and they can help when making the final decision at check out.

#5 Learn to say NO

“No” is such a powerful word that I’m surprised we don’t use more often. Having the will to tell yourself and others “no” is a great habit to form. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you have gone through in life, learning to say no is a tool that will help you in life.

Saying no will eliminate you from putting yourself in situations you wish you weren’t in and most importantly steering you clear from debt. Learning to say no will prevent you from wasting your time in returning items you regretted purchasing in the first place. 

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We are leaving shopping regret behind, like the rest of the bad habits! The worst feeling in the world is leaving the store after shopping for hours only to feel like you really didn’t want to make a purchase in the first place! You try your best to get yourself out of the funk, but look no more as we hope our helpful tips will go with you!

Have you ever made regretful purchases and felt bad after? If not, then you are one of the lucky ones and must teach us your ways! Feel free to share with the community what tips you keep in mind while shopping to help you stay on track with shopping by dropping a comment below!

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