6 Tips For Shopping For Clothes Online

Shopping for clothes online is one of my favorite pastimes, aside from binge watching Netflix series! If you are in need of a particular item, online shopping is quick, convenient, and fun! This doesn’t mean you can go over budget to shop online. If you do, read Are You Addicted to Online Shopping before moving forward! Are you able to control yourself? Then stick with me! I’m going to give you my six tips for getting it right every time. I mean, because nothing is worse than having to return the cute clothes you waited a week or two for, right?

Tips for shopping for clothes online

Know your measurements

First and foremost, a sewing measuring tape will be your new best friend. Here’s a chart showing you how to properly measure your body. This way you get the size that will fit the best based on the size of chart of the store you are shopping from. It’s important to know your exact measurements to avoid purchasing something that is way too big or too small.

Study the size chart

Every online retailer has a size chart for potential customers. It’s there to help so use it! Match the information they give to the measurements you took and add that perfect size to the cart. A small at one store could be a medium at another, so make sure you pay attention to what the measurements of the size chart actually say.

Get familiar with fabrics

Look up the fabric description of whatever the piece is made of; that way you’ll know what the fit will be, more or less. For example, anything that is 100% cotton won’t stretch too much. However, pieces that have spandex in them will be stretchy and will fit to your form well. Give your closet a quick sweep to see what fabrics you tend to buy the most. Obviously, they fit you well, so you know your future go-tos.

Read the reviews

The best way to get information on a piece you want to spend your hard-earned cash on is to read what people who already own it have to say. Before purchasing any item, read reviews of past purchasers. If you see a common trend that a particular piece runs small, consider purchasing a size up. Reading the reviews gives you a heads up on what to expect before you purchase the piece.

Write Reviews

Just like you find reading reviews valuable, you should write reviews for future purchasers. Give your feedback. Seriously, my best friend and I do it all the time. It’s great to share your opinion and possibly help someone who’s looking to buy. On the other hand, if you write a bad review most times you’ll get your money back and they send you the product again. Not too shabby!

Read the return policy

Reading the return policy before you check out is so important. Knowing whether you have to ship it back or if it can be returned in store gives you an expectation of how difficult it will be to return a product and get what actually fits. Some retailers don’t allow you to return certain pieces, especially if they are on sale. Reading the fine print ahead of time will avoid any confusion and a potential waste of money.


These are my top tips to help you shop for clothes online! I hope you give them a try on your next virtual splurge! Do you have any tips or tricks you rely on when shopping for clothes online? Post a comment below to share with me and other CGS readers! Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. These are some pretty great tips and I really like that you recommend getting to know the fabric. After all, you probably don’t want to order clothing made from a fabric you’ve never tried before online because of the hassle it will take to return it if you’re unsatisfied. It is probably much better to order a fabric that you are comfortable with so that you can focus on other factors such as the size.

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