5 Signs You’re Negative Without Knowing It

We all are entitled to a bad day every now and then, but a dark cloud could be following you everywhere without you realizing it. You already know why it pays to be positive and you’ve learned different ways you can be a happier person, but what if you don’t know that you’re being negative? Your friends and family may never mention it, so it’s up to you to spot the negativity signs and work to fix them! The CGS Team is sharing 5 signs you’re being negative without knowing. You can be negative and not even realize it!

You’re negative without knowing it if…

#1 Every Conversation is a Chance to Vent

When you meet up for dinner or drinks with friends, does your conversation always turn to how miserable you are at work, or how your boyfriend doesn’t help out? We’re all entitled to a vent session every now and then, but it shouldn’t be at every conversation. Some people are natural “conversational complainers” which means they complain as a form of conversating.  Imagine how the person you are talking to feels. They can’t do anything to make your situation better, and may be left with nothing to say.

#2 Your Mind is on the Problem, not the Solution

A negative person, even if they don’t realize it, is always quick to focus on the problem and how things are going wrong. A positive person will focus on solutions to the problem, instead of focusing on everything going wrong. If you find yourself defeated when things don’t go your way, think about how you can remedy the situation. Did you get let go at work? Instead of thinking about the bills you can’t pay, think about how you can find your next source of income.

#3 You Feel Better at Someone Else’s Expense

Does hearing the latest gossip about your old roommate going through a nasty breakup entertain you? Do you chuckle to yourself when your nemesis can’t find a job? It’s natural to feel some type of way in these situations, but don’t bask in the situation. Doing so could mean that you are trying to divert your own feelings of inadequacy or failure. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, and focus on improving your own situation. You will feel much better in the long run.

#4 You Can’t Take a Compliment

Anytime someone sends a positive word or two your way, do you respond negatively? If someone says “that color looks great on you”, do you respond with “oh, actually black looks better on me” or “really? I’m not so sure about it”? It can be hard to simply accept someone giving you a compliment, especially if you aren’t in the most positive state of mind about yourself. Try your best to just say “thank you” the next time someone pays you a compliment, even if you don’t necessarily agree.

#5 All Your Thoughts have a Negative Tone

Even if you aren’t verbalizing your negative thoughts, it doesn’t mean you aren’t coming across as negative. It can be written all of your face and displayed in your actions. Do you walk down the street with a smile or a frown? Do you dread the thought of going to work or appreciate the opportunity to make money?

Your internal dialogue can say a lot about how positive or negative you are. If your thoughts always have a negative tone to them, try to stop the negative thought in its tracks. Turn the thought into a positive one.  Here’s an example. Instead of thinking “I’m so fat”. Think “While I have opportunity to improve my body, thankfully I am healthy enough to do it”.

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Humbling yourself and practicing gratitude can help bring things back to perspective. Remember, things could always be worse. We all experience trials and tribulation in our lives, but don’t let those experiences shake your positivity. Accept any negative feelings, then turn it around and focus on the positives. Find a solution to the problem and work to remedy it! Do you find yourself being negative sometimes? Do any of the signs above apply to you? How do you turn your view into a positive one? Leave a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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