21 Ways to Be Happier and More Motivated

The longer we live, the more we go through in life. Our vision becomes jaded because of negative, traumatic, or downright sad experiences have happened to us. Don’t let the weight of those experiences keep you down. Doing so could result in a spiral of unpleasant feelings, and ultimately depression. It is possible to be happier and more motivated with life!

The CGS Team is sharing 21 ways that you can become a happier, more motivated person. Some of these ideas may take multiple tries before they become a habit, but it’s certainly worth it! Before you read this list, understand why being happy and positive is a necessity in the article 6 Reasons Why It Pays to Be Positive.

#1 Practice Gratitude

Research shows that counting your blessings can make you a happier person. Start a gratitude journal and write down 1-3 things you are thankful for each day.

#2 Invest in a Furry Friend

Do you live by yourself? If so, it may be time for a pet. The love and loyalty that comes from pets is unbelievable. Visit your local animal shelter to find a pet who wants to be loved.

#3 Seeing is Believing

Visualize yourself achieving success or accomplishing a specific goal. When you see it, you believe it. You can actually see it coming true, so the motivation sparks you to make it happen!

#4 Start Your Day with Something You Love

If you enjoy reading, going for a jog, or your favorite tea, start your day with it! Read a chapter of a book, get a sweat session in, or have a cup of tea before you go to work. Start the day with something you enjoy to set a positive tone. Check out 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mornings for other ways to start your day.

#5 Plan a Vacation

Are you long overdue for a vacation? Planning a fun vacation is almost as exciting as the trip itself. Even if the trip is a year or more out, start the planning process now.

#6 Give a Compliment

Tell your coworker you love her blouse. Advise the Starbucks barista that they always make a good drink. Give a compliment to someone to make their day, you will be surprised at how it makes you feel.

#7 Share Your Goals

Accountability is huge when it comes to achieving your goals. Sharing your goals with friends, family, or social media followers will help you stay accountable. There’s nothing like accountability to keep you motivated!

#8 Think of Happy Memories

Break out those photos from your past, or listen to music associated with a good time in your life. Memories can take you back to those happy times.

#9 Read Biographies

Is there a particular person you look up to? Read their biography. Having insight into someone’s life will shed some light on how they go to where they are. Everyone goes through things, so relating to them can help motivate you.

#10 Discard Negative Thoughts

It’s very easy to be down on ourselves, but it doesn’t help you become a happier person. The next time you think negatively about yourself or your situation, discard the thought and replace it with a positive one.

#11 Volunteer

Volunteering will help bring you back to earth and make you realize that you’re fortunate, so you should take the opportunity to make the most out of your life.

#12 Get Dressed

Make it a point to look your best wherever you go. If you work from home, make sure you get dressed every day. Doing so will make you feel better and encourage you to succeed.

#13 Learn a New Skill

Put those brain muscles to use and learn a new skill! Learning a new skill, like pottery or a second language, will take you out of your comfort zone.

#14 Sweat it Out

Maybe the thought of going to the gym doesn’t make you happy, but doing so will actually leave you happy! Exercising helps our bodies produce antibodies, and our brains release endorphins. While antibodies boost happiness by keeping illness at bay, endorphins are feel-good chemicals that improve your mood.

#15 Let Go of Perfection

Guess What? No one is perfect. Let go of the idea of perfection and get into the habit of doing. Fear of something not being perfect can hinder you from getting started or completing something. Let it go and focus on doing your best.

#16 Don’t Fear Failure

Perfection isn’t the only thing that can hinder you. A fear of failure can also keep you from doing something and succeeding. If you don’t believe us, just take it from basketball legend Michael Jordan: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

#17 Add Flowers to Your Home

Flowers look great, smell great, and make you feel great. Make it a ritual to always have fresh flowers in your home. They are an instant mood-booster and can be fun to shop for! Check out 5 Décor Items Your Apartment Needs for more mood-boosting décor.

#18 Unplug

If you are always working hard or always on the go, take some time to unplug and recharge. Not only will you feel better, you will no longer be running on fumes – a sure sign of a breakdown.

#19 Conquer a Fear

Try bungee-jumping, hold a tarantula, or go to the movies by yourself. Whatever your fear is, try to conquer it. You will feel incredibly empowered, and you will quickly realize that fear is simply a state of mind.

#20 Stop Complaining

No one likes a complainer. If you find yourself complaining or nagging, stop yourself immediately. Complaining is a sign of negativity, so avoid it at all costs.

#21 Engage in Meaningful Conversation

Is there a specific friend that always brings good conversation? Give them a call or treat them to dinner! A study found that people who engaged in the least amount of meaningless chit-chat were happier than those who didn’t.


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Being a happy, more inspired person is what we should all strive for! What are some ways you stay happy and motivated? Have you done any of the practices listed above? Share your tips and experiences by posting a reply comment below. We would love to hear what works for you!

-The CGS Team



2 thoughts on “21 Ways to Be Happier and More Motivated”

  1. Great suggestions! I love listening to music that reminds me of great memories. I also really enjoy looking at old photos. I have photo albums for each time period of my life. It’s not always easy to stay positive, but the tips on this list definitely help!

  2. Elizabeth Kraker

    Almost 4 years ago I found myself in a very deep depression, recognizing I needed to do something about it, I got a puppy! He has changed my life, I’m not even sure I’d still be here if I hadn’t gotten him. He forced me to get out of the house and talk to people. I still struggle with depression but nothing like before. I also practice gratitude which helps significantly as well.

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