5 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox

Every now and then it’s important that we detox our body. Especially after busy times like the holidays. There’s a lot of food, a lot of drinking and typically a lot of stress. Detoxing is good for your body, soul, and mind. Typically your body will show you signs when it needs a detox. Becoming mindful of your body is just as important as being mindful of what you put inside of it. The CGS Team is sharing five signs your body is telling you it needs a detox. Give your body a fresh reboot and get ready to feel better!

Low Energy and Fatigued

Nowadays women seem to be doing it all! Working, parenting, and even pursuing dreams that they always wanted to accomplish!  If you have been going, going, going for a while, it’s very likely that you make things convenient. For example, instead of making a salad at home for lunch, you pick up a quick burger at the local fast-food restaurant.

Eventually, these habits start to weigh on your body and mind. If you’re feeling fatigued or low on energy perhaps you need a detox. To start, be sure you drink plenty of water, get a good amount of rest, and reduce the amount of sugar you intake daily.


Having constipation can be the most annoying thing ever. Constipation refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass. (We know, gross). Detox your body and start new!

Incorporate fiber into your diet, and drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins still lingering in your body. In conjunction with a healthy diet, discuss with your healthcare physician about a colon cleanse. An effective colon cleanse can help remove any unwanted waste and allow your body to function the way it’s supposed to.

Unable to Focus

Do you ever feel like your mind just gets distracted, more than usual? Although some energy drinks promise to improve your focus, it’s important to detoxify your mind periodically.

Drinking beverages such as juices made from natural fruits can help detox your brain and help you focus clearer. Reducing the amount of toxins can aid to a clear mind. You’ll be surprise how much clearer your mind will function after cleansing.

Feeling Depressed

It’s really important we stay mindful of the things we digest. Our moods can change depending on the foods we eat, both good and bad. Eating foods that are low quality and full of toxins can cause us to feel depressed.

When you consume more water you feel hydrated, which helps you feel better. Although detoxing may not cure clinical depression, it does rid your body of stored up toxins that could lead to negative thinking. If you aren’t sure where to start with eating the right foods, check out How to Get Started with Eating Clean.


Turning over a new leaf can take time. An important sign that your body needs a detox is if you’ve noticed some weight gain. It’s very important to pinpoint your ideal weight, therefore if weight gain occurs you know how much. The toxins in your body are one the reasons contributing to how you may be overweight.

We all know that eating right and exercising consistently can help with weight gain, however we don’t always realize how often we consume low-quality food. Incorporating healthier foods into your diet can improve your weight, mind, and confidence. After detoxing, your body will start at square one, and it will thank you later for getting rid of all the accumulated waste!

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Knowing when and how to detox your body is vital. Detoxing can be very simple, and affordable. Are you conscious of when your body is talking? What ways do you like to detox your body? Do you use a special tea or juice? Let’s get a discussion going! Leave a comment below to share what detox methods work for you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox”

  1. Such a relevant read for me!
    What are some successful detox methods to try? Any time I have detoxed in the past I have felt worse simply because I was not getting the right amount of nutrients.
    Would love some advice on this!

    1. Hey! So I love doing detoxes on occasion if I feel a mess. you have to wait it out three days before you will feel normal or better. Your body gets shocked then it starts to clear up. a good one is just fruits and veggies and lemon water for a week. It will give your body time to heal.

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