5 Money Rituals to Attract Wealth

As “woo woo” as it may sound, practicing regular money habits can help open the door for more wealth and abundance to make its way to you. Whether you believe in that kind of thing or not, wouldn’t it be worth testing – just in case it actually does work?!

I’m sharing 5 money rituals to attract wealth into your life. Whether you’re a believer or not, I challenge you to do these rituals everyday for 30 days. After that time, you can decide for yourself if things in your money situation are better and more abundant. You never know, you may just be pleasantly surprised!

5 Money Rituals to Attract Wealth

#1 Practice gratitude for your money

One of the best ways to lead a more fulfilling life is by practicing gratitude. Gratitude allows you to see the good and appreciate what’s going right in your life. The same theory applies when you practice gratitude for your money. I want you to start appreciating what you do make and what you do have.

Whenever you pay a bill, say the phrase: “I’m grateful I have the money in my account to pay this bill”. Whenever you get paid and money is deposited into your account, say: “I’m so grateful that more money has made its way to me.”

The point is to appreciate the money moves you make and start building a foundation of gratitude for your financial situation. This means you’re focusing more on what you do have than what you don’t. When you focus on the good, more good things come as a result.

#2 Listen to guided meditations on abundance

I recently started listening to guided meditations on abundance right when I wake up in the morning and it has been a game changer. I was one of those people (actually, I still am but I’m working on it) who wakes up and checks their email and social media first thing. Not anymore! Now, the first thing I do when I wake up is search YouTube for meditations on abundance.

I start my morning by following the guidance in the meditations and when I tell you that what follows is a day full of happiness and positivity, I’m not kidding! Starting my mornings that way has really allowed me to focus on the positive and keep grinding through to my goals. One meditation I really enjoy is “Guided Abundance Meditation” by Bob Proctor.

#3 Speak or write daily money affirmations
Another positive money ritual to attract wealth is to speak or write daily money affirmations. I did this regularly about 4 years ago, when I decided I wanted to run City Girl Savings full time. Every day I would write down affirmations related to money, wealth, success, and business. Eventually, I started to believe these affirmations. Four years later, I’m running City Girl Savings full-time.

For my coaching clients who struggle with money mindset, I have them review some of my favorite affirmations and pick the ones that resonate most with them. Then, I have them cite the affirmation aloud or write them down daily. Affirmations can be a great way to teach your mind new, positive beliefs about your money situation.

One topic we cover in my 8-week Money Management Mastery program is Mindset. In the program I share my favorite money affirmations and teach my students how to practice them on their own.

#4 Spend your money with intention

If you want to attract more wealth into your life, you have to treat the current money you have with respect. One of the best ways to do that is by being intentional with your spending. To be intentional with your spending means you’re thinking through every purchase.

It’s not a matter of saying no to things you want to buy but deciding that the purchase is something that truly impacts you or not. Once you’ve made that decision, then you decide if you should spend the money or not.

The more intentional you are with your spending, the more you’ll learn to control yourself when it comes to spending. When you can control yourself, you can control more money that will eventually be coming your way. You can’t manage $100,000 if you haven’t been able to manage $50,000.

#5 Journal your feelings, fears, accomplishments, and experiences with money

The final money ritual I want to introduce you to is journaling about money. Make it a point to write down your thoughts, feelings, fears, recognitions, and experiences with money. Let the feelings pour onto the page, then read what you wrote. This will give you insight into how you currently think and feel about money, which can help you change your own narrative.

How you think about money plays a big role in how you manage it. If you’re not happy with how you manage your money, you need to start changing the way you think about it. Check out the City Girl Savings podcast episode Why Mindset Critical and How to Start Changing It for more insight about this.

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While I want you to give the money rituals above an honest shot, I can tell you that practicing them in my life has made a huge difference. Not just in how I think about money, but how I feel about it too. I’m more positive. Things work out in my favor. I always have what I need. Whether that has come as a result of the rituals or not, I can’t say 100%. What I can say is that positive changes happened when I started doing different things! Do you have any money rituals to share? What’s your take on manifestation? Post a comment below to share.

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  1. Yes i totally agree with this, another thing I think is when you’re spending money, for example at a restaurant, you can say “thank God I am able to support this small business so they can use this money to take care of their family/employees/business etc” 🙂

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