10 Money Mantras to Spark Financial Motivation

You don’t have to be “woo woo” to appreciate the benefits that come from speaking things into existence. There’s something to be said about putting your intentions out into the world, saying them aloud, and believing those intentions can come to fruition. Even if you don’t quite believe in it, wouldn’t it be worth trying? Just in case it does work? I’m all about doing whatever it takes to reach my dreams. If you’re the same, I’ve got something special for you! I’m sharing 10 money mantras to spark financial motivation and get you into the space of receiving your blessings.

10 Money Mantras to Spark Financial Motivation

Money flows swiftly and easily into my bank account

This mantra sets the intention that you can make what you need with ease. Money can enter your bank account at any time and at your own discretion.

I always have more than enough

This mantra affirms that you have an abundance mentality, as opposed to a scarcity mentality. There is always enough and there is more than enough to go around.

I am grateful for everything that has happened and will continue to happen in my personal, professional and financial life

This mantra shows your undeniable gratitude for what has happened and what will happen. You’re grateful and grateful begets more and more blessings.

My bank accounts are overflowing with funds

This mantra sets the intention that you will never be without. You will have enough money in your bank accounts to not have to worry about money ever again.

I can travel the world and not have to worry about the cost

This mantra sets the intention that you can do the things you want, enjoy life, without having to worry about how you will have to pay for it. You can truly be at ease.

I am the kind of person who sets goals and achieves them

This mantra affirms that you’re the type of person who sets and achieves their goals. You aren’t afraid to work for the things you want. You stay disciplined and do what you need to in order to succeed.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t give up, even when things don’t go as planned

This mantra affirms that you’re the type of person who doesn’t let setbacks or challenges stop them from doing what they need to do. You find solutions and avoid spending too much focusing on the problems.

I do things most people won’t do to get the results most people won’t get

This mantra sets the intention that you’re willing to go above and beyond to achieve your goals. You are willing to put in the manpower and turn down things that won’t help you reach the finish line. You understand the grind is temporary but necessary.

This year will be my most prosperous year financially

This mantra sets the intention that financial blessings are on the way. This year will be your best money year yet and opens the door for your money to accumulate more than it ever has before. 

I can help those in need and change their lives

The mantra affirms that you’re in a position to help people change their lives for the better. Whether it be through financial means or motivational means, you’re capable of helping those who truly need it.

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I want you to say these mantras out loud on a regular basis. You can even record yourself saying them and then play it back to start your day. The point is that we want to speak our intentions. We want to put them out into the universe and allow opportunities to open. I use affirmations on a daily basis and it has brought more to my life than I could imagine.

I think that when we state our intention, our brain starts thinking like we’ve already achieved the intention. Then, our brain starts acting like we’ve achieved it. That means we’re doing things as if we’ve achieved our dreams! It’s such a crazy concept, but I’ve experienced it firsthand. Do you journal or write daily affirmations? Which of the money mantras above resonates the most with you? Share in the comments section below.

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