5 Fall-to-Winter Transition Buys

The worst thing anyone can experience is buying something and only using it or wearing it once! It’s always a great feeling when you buy something and it goes to use more than once, so why not purchase pieces that transition you from fall to winter?! Whether you are in the market for coats or accessories, nothing is off limits when on the shopping prowl.

Depending on the climate where you live, fall and winter can change drastically, so it’s important to be shopping observant for steals that are transitional. Check out what the CGS team has suggested for your fall to winter transition buys.


You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sandals during a rainstorm, so why not purchase shoes that can be transitional from one season to another. You can never go wrong with boots! There are so many different styles, yet all of them can make an outfit look completely different than the next.

Boots vary in style, and depending on your outfit you can choose from ankle boots, over the knee boots, or even thigh high boots! Shoes are typically the final piece, when piecing together your favorite fashion trends. Everyone should have at least one pair of boots in their closet to pull out when the leaves start to change colors, and snow begins to fall. Here are some great fall-to-winter transition boots:


Who doesn’t love a nice cozy sweater to keep warm in the cold weather?! Sweaters are extremely nice to have because they are the ideal fall- to-winter fashion buy. Just because you haven’t found the right sweater for you, does not mean sweaters aren’t meant for you. Similar to boots, sweaters also vary in style and wear. Some sweaters are turtleneck style which keeps you and your neck warm from the chilly fall, harsh winter’s seasons. Others can be a looser fit, which is ideal for the warmer winter climates.


When you think of a hat, don’t let your mind wonder to the baseball cap style. The CGS team must admit hats are one of the cutest accessories to add to any style. There are crushable wool hats that can be paired with almost anything, but in fall and winter, your favorite black leggings or fitted jeans would go great! You also have beanies, and cloche hats that are adorable for fall and perfect for winter. Wearing a hat during cold seasons is perfect for keeping you and your ears warm and great for those days you don’t really feel like doing your hair. Check out some great fall-to-winter hat styles:


Scarves are one of the trendiest options for styling your neck, especially when it’s cold outside! Scarves come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and patterns. Your options are endless when looking for the best scarf for your fall-to-winter wardrobe. We share 15 different ways to tie your scarf in the 4 Trendy Ways to Style Your Neck article.


Accessories are also lovely to buy when looking for fashion trends that are season-transitional. Accessories can include handbags, gloves, belts, brooches, and jewelry pins for sweaters and jackets. Jewelry pins are great for turning basic looking apparel into something unique and cute. Whether you enjoy simple or extravagant accessories expressing your personality is always notable. Here are some of our favorite brooches and jewelry pins:

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