4 Trendy Ways to Style Your Neck

Accessories are the bread and butter of any outfit. Everyone has their own go-to pieces that are used for the everyday styles. However, I invite you to try something daring and new ladies! The neck is a great feature to style, and you’ll be surprised at how many options you have! Here are a few of our favorite trendy ways to style your neck!


Layering your necklaces can bring an added depth to your outfit. Play with different lengths, metals, and colors. The great thing about layering is that no one will have the same look as you. You are laying different pieces to your liking, and no other person will have nailed your layer. Maybe after you wear it, but how flattering is that?!

Tie it Up

Scarves are a great piece to add to any outfit. They come in a variety of patterns, textures and colors, so you can have one that compliments every piece in your closet! Try a few of these ways to tie a scarf.

Be Bold

Try an out of the box necklace. Large and in charge; make it the main event of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to that gorgeous neck of yours. Just make sure that the rest of your outfit remains subtle, we wouldn’t want you attracting the wrong attention!

Full Body Effect

Body chains that have necklaces connected can elevate your outfit to the next level. This is a perfect accessory to rock during the upcoming summer season. What a great pool party look!

Mix and match all of these trends to create your own unique look. Snap a photo and share your looks with us on Instagram. Be sure to tag @CItyGirlSavings! What are some of your favorite ways to style your neck? Are you a choker girl or a scarf girl? Leave a comment below to share!

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