5 Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirits

We live in a day and age where trying to keep our mentality in a good place can seem challenging. Any way we can boost our mood you bet your bottom dollar we will be doing so! There is no right or wrong way to go about lifting your spirits. Doing what is healthy and best for you is what’s most important.

It isn’t always easy to be upbeat, perky and full of energy 24/7.  Whether we have looming work deadlines that put bad pressure over us, or perhaps have experienced a streak of gloomy days that just puts you in a bad mood. Not to worry – you’re not alone! You can stop your wondering here and learn a few easy ways to lift your spirits.

#1 Track the Good Stuff

Don’t hold on to the negative things that transpire throughout your day. Instead of dwelling on the bad things that have happened in your day, track the good things. It could be as small as providing directions to a stranger. Perhaps you let someone go ahead of you because they have less items than you in the grocery store, or it could be you closing a deal at work.

Remembering the good things that happened to you or with you can help boost your mood and remind you of the great things you do, and more importantly, the great things you are capable of.

You can write them down as they happen or you can meditate before you go to bed and quickly jot down the things that went well for you that day. Be descriptive and note the role that you played in the good deed – and you’ll be shocked at how quick you break a smirk.

#2 Shake it Out

A major tip for lifting your spirits is working out. Working out releases endorphins that help alter your mood from one end of the spectrum to the other. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that help to relieve pain or stress, and boost happiness.

Working out helps you feel in control, and the boss of your company (mind, body, and mood). As a human being we need to perform and excel. So, when you work out, you’re able to excel to the best of your ability, which brings good energy and the added benefit of staying in shape!

#3 Tap into your spiritual side
Tapping into your spiritual side can help boost your happiness and mood and most importantly it’s free of charge. Whatever your religious background, let your hair down and tap into it. Faith and prayer, regardless of your religious background, can satisfy the basic need to feel part of something bigger than just us.

Tapping into your spiritual side could mean meditating or just repeating your favorite affirmations to get you out of the rut of a bad mood. Quieting the noise of negativity and focusing on the emotion that you want to have willed over power the negative. The more frequently that people attend their spiritual practices, the more content they are.

#4 Go with the flow

Lifting your spirits can sound easy, but I know it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, the bad times can linger, but obtaining the go-with-the-flow attitude can make a world of a difference. A lot of times when something bad happens we tend to let it dictate the rest of our day.

Instead, when something bad happens take a moment, inhale/ exhale and let it go. A mistake does not define you; it shapes you to be sharper, which will result in you not making that same mistake twice. Be present in the moment and understand that people make mistakes – but leaders do not let their mistakes define them.

#5 Lighten Up

Lightening up your day will make a world a difference. Sitting in the dark all the time can subconsciously let your mood go sour. Staying in well-lit areas will brighten your mood and encourage your workflow to be more productive.

If the office or space you’re in doesn’t have good lighting, take a moment to step away and get some natural light outdoors. Studies have shown that being exposed to bright light for about an hour can be used as an antidepressant and helps when improving a person’s mood. Being exposed to bright lights earlier in the day can also improve your sleep at night.

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These feel-good tips will have you kicking the blues away and welcoming positivity like no other. It’s important to know and understand that we are humans and we have an array of emotions. Those emotions vary day to day and there are no promises that every day will be sunshine and butterflies.

However, we do have choices in life and it’s vital we make the choice of happiness and positivity. Have you tried any of these tips to lift your spirits? If so, which one have you found to work the best? Check out our Facebook page and join in the conversation. Also, like and follow us on IG and Twitter @citygirlsavings.

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