Ease Your Way Into Working Out

Welp, the New Year is here and if you’re like the rest of America, one of your resolutions is to lose weight, be healthy, or some other form of a fitness aspiration.  Everyone feels major motivation at the start of a new year, but that typically fades after the first few weeks. We want lifetime changes! Maybe instead of going too hard in the gym right off the back, you try easing your way into it? Instead of dreading your workouts, make them something to look forward too by starting slow. The CGS Team is sharing a few tips to help you ease your way into working out so that goal lasts throughout the year.

Ease your way into working out

Start slow, with what works for you…

As we mentioned earlier, when you dive right in to intense, grueling workouts, you may start to resent them.  Instead, start with low-intensity workouts like easy cardio and light weight routines to get yourself into the habit. After a week or two, pick up the pace.

If you can only commit to one or two days a week, that’s perfectly fine.  You have to master one day to move on to more.  As your body gets into a consistent routine with working out, it will get easier and easier.

You Need to Rest…

If you decided to dive right in with 5+ workouts in a week, don’t forget to take some time to rest your body.  Recovery is a part of being healthy and active. Your body needs time to repair the muscles and build new again. Think about the long term. Do you plan on going to the gym 5+ days a week? If not, cut it back and focus on a lifestyle change as opposed to a quick fix.

Don’t Forget to Stretch…

When you start back working out after a nice long break (sure, blame it on the holidays), your body is likely not where it once was.  Start waking the muscles up before you work them hard by stretching.  Stretching helps relieve tightness and can heal other problems your body may have.  Start and end each routine with a good stretch.

Be Healthy All Around…

There’s nothing worse than working out consistently without seeing results. Are you eating right? Are you getting enough sleep? Make sure you actually reach your fitness goals by being healthy outside of the gym. Ensure you get your 7-8 hours a sleep each night, eat your daily serving of fruits and vegetables and practice healthy living.  Get creative with your food and avoid over-processed meals out. Self-care is also a great way to stay healthy in every area.

Set Goals to Stay Motivated…

Did you know that the primary reason people fail at their resolutions is because the goals are too big? Set small goals that will help you get to your main target. If your resolution is to lose 15 pounds by summer, set mini goals to help you reach that. When you have smaller, more realistic goals, you are likely to stay motivated because they are easier to reach. Keep your eyes on the prize and always reward yourself for a job well done.


There’s no reason why you can’t reach your fitness resolutions this year! Always remember to keep it consistent and ensure your goals are realistic. Do you have any health or fitness goals? What small, positive changes do you plan on making? Post a comment below to share your goals with other CGS readers. Let’s hold each other accountable!

-The CGS Team



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  1. Of course I start the year off with a cold, but that hasn’t stopped me from hitting the treadmill to sweat it out! I started working out a few months before the New Year so it wouldn’t be a drastic change. It really has made a difference.

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