8 Simple Self Care Habits to Start Now

Women tend to put everything and everyone else before themselves. I’m no different. We dive head first into our careers and never underperform. We put our business clients on a pedestal, and make sure their needs are covered. We take care of our significant others. We do everything for our children and family. Once all of that is taken care of, then we may focus on ourselves. That isn’t going to cut it! We need simple self-care habits to implement on a consistent (if not daily) basis.

The thing is, how can we take care of everything and everyone else if we aren’t taking care of our own selves? I’m serious! If we aren’t happy. If we are drained. If we can’t rest, then everything starts falling by the wayside.

While we certainly can be compared to Wonder Woman, we do need to practice self-care and make sure our own happiness is a priority. I’m sharing 8 simple self care habits to start now. I’m going to take my own advice and start practicing these habits as well!

Simple Self Care Habits to Start Now

#1 Go for a walk

For the past 3 or so months, I’ve been walking 2-3 miles in the park every morning. Not only has my body leaned up, but I’ve leveraged that time to appreciate nature, to think about what I want out of life, and to reflect on my life as a whole. I’ve never felt better, and I don’t let anything get in the way of that time.

You don’t have to do 2-3 miles a day, like me, but get outside and walk for at least 10 minutes. Use the time to look at the sky, the trees, and the things around you. It’s crazy how you can find so much beauty in nature and it can be surprisingly calming. Put on your favorite music or audio book and take that time just for you.

#2 Get your nails done

This self-care tip does not give you permission to spend $100 at the nail salon each week (unless, of course, it is budgeted for). However, it does give you permission to care about your appearance. Whether you do your nails yourself or get them done at a salon, take the time out to pamper yourself.

Okay – I’m not good at this one, and I vow to be better! I will go months without painting my nails or touching up my toes. Not because I don’t have the money, but because I don’t prioritize that “pamper” time. Yet, when I do get my nails done, or even do my own nails, I feel better.

#3 Try a bubble bath instead of a shower

Now this tip, I’m good at! I take a bath every day, and I rarely take showers. For me, my bath time is my unwind time. After a long day of work, I run a bath (with or without bubbles) and read my book in the tub. I love it! To really spice it up, I buy those fizzy bath bombs and enjoy a soak in lavender-colored water! Allow yourself 15 extra minutes, or longer, to unwind in the tub instead of rushing in the shower.

#4 Start journaling

You don’t have to be a business owner or entrepreneur to benefit from journaling. Everyone, in every situation, can benefit from journaling. The act of writing your goals, your thoughts, your dreams and your feelings can be very reflecting. You can even look back at your writings and see how far you’ve come or what priorities have changed.

The key to journaling is to be consistent with it. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it does take a consistent effort. I always enjoy journaling, but I need to be better about the consistency of my journaling efforts. Not to mention, your goals are 10 times more likely to be achieved if they are written down. With that being said, let’s get to writing, ladies! Check out 6 Tips to Help You Start Journaling for more tips!

#5 Indulge in the little things

Once again, little indulgences do not mean free reign to ruin your budget. However, you should budget for the ability to indulge in the little things. Whether it’s a Starbucks latte before work, paying for Netflix every month to enjoy your favorite shows, or visiting your local library to read, taking the time to indulge in the little things that make you happy is a great way to practice simple self-care.

#6 Avoid things that don’t make you happy

Women are doers. We take on projects, events, and responsibilities that we may not want to. If there is something that doesn’t make you happy, or takes away from time to yourself, don’t be afraid to say no. In fact, saying no more than you say yes, will result in you being happier. You will be fully engaged in what you say yes to and likely do a better job!

Sometimes, it’s not easy to avoid things that don’t make you happy. While you can’t get away from everything, you can make choices that help you see the good in every situation. If going to work makes you unhappy, this may be a sign to change jobs. Never put yourself in a situation that drains your soul. That would be total opposite of self care!

#7 Begin the day with gratitude

This may sound sappy, but when you focus on the things that are going right in your life and show your appreciation for them, you are happier because of it! Start each day by listing at least 3 things you are thankful for. You can include this in your journaling session! Gratitude allows us to see things from a positive lens. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong, you are focusing on what is going right. This makes everything else seem a lot less negative!

#8 Dress up more

I work from home, so my normal outfit is workout clothes! Wearing workout clothes every day doesn’t make me feel all that great. Sure, I feel comfortable, but I don’t feel as good as when I wear my favorite jeans and a cute top. I’ve always struggled with dressing up consistently, as it’s so easy to be comfortable when you work from home. However, on the weekends, I won’t be caught dead in my workout clothes!

If you find yourself not feeling happy or confident in what you wear, make it a point to dress up more. You may just be going to the grocery store, but you can look great while you’re there! I’m going to be better about dressing up during the week, because working from home does not give me a free pass!

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These simple self care habits can make a world of difference in you putting yourself first. And, the good thing is that each of these habits doesn’t have to take away from everything else you have going on. It’s simply a matter of carving out a little extra time just for you! What self-care habits do you currently have? What tips do you have for those who struggle with practicing self-care? Leave a comment below to share!

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