7 Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

We are all creatures of habit. We set a routine, stick to it and get comfortable with that routine. While it’s good to shake things up, it can be hard to decide if you need to leave your job. Maybe it’s just your manager, maybe it’s just a rough month. Certain feelings can (and usually do) go away, but what if other feelings don’t? I’m sharing 7 signs it’s time to leave your job and find a new one. These signs are an indication that things will get worse before they get better for you.

Sign #1: You Lack Passion

One of the worst routines you can be in is the one that has you uninspired. You have no passion for the current job you’re in because it’s not in your field of study or career path. Lynn Taylor, author of How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job says that if you aren’t doing what you love, you aren’t tapping into your true potential. It will simply continue to be a “job” and become harder and harder to spark the passion.

Sign #2: The Company is Going Under

There’s no need to go down with a sinking ship. If your company is going under and doesn’t have much time left, start the job hunt immediately. Waiting to see if you get a severance package or the option to keep your benefits? You may be disappointed with the outcome.

Sign #3: You’re Bored and Stagnant at Work

If your ideas aren’t being heard, or your skills aren’t being requested, it’s easy to feel stagnant. If the opportunity to learn something new has long passed, boredom will creep in. If you are doing the same responsibilities over and over with no change, it may be time to find something else.

Sign #4: Your Work-Stress is Coming Home with You

If your work-life balance is out of whack, and you are always taking your work home with you, considering looking for something else. Unless it is a non-recurring problem, or you are requesting more work, if you can’t commit the time needed to complete the job, find another one. Your sanity and the time you spend at home is crucial to your workplace success.

Sign #5: You Can’t Remember the Last Time You got a Raise

Nothing is worse than not being recognized for your talents, efforts and accomplishments at work. If you’ve been with the company of over two years, without even the mention of a raise, it’s time to ask for one! Read How to Negotiate a Raise at Work for some pointers on bringing up raise discussions.  If your company has been giving raises, you just haven’t got one, read 5 Reasons You Didn’t Get a Raise to see what may need to be fixed.  If you’ve already asked for a raise, continue to work hard and stay positive, but nothing is happening, it may be time to move on.

Sign #6: There’s No Growth

Much like not being recognized for your talents, the inability to grow in your current role is a sign that change is needed. You can love the people or the environment, but you can’t be stuck in the same place for years and years. If there is no opportunity for growth or advancement, be honest with the situation and start looking for something else.

Sign #7: You Dread Going to Work Everyday

We all have days when we’re feeling lazy and not looking forward to working, but this feeling shouldn’t repeat itself every day. If you dread the idea of going to your job every day, ask yourself why. What’s making it so unbearable? Is it just a phase? If you made more money or had more responsibilities, would that feeling change? If nothing could make you enjoy going to work, it’s time to change jobs.


Before you make any sudden moves, read over 6 Ways to Be Happy at Work and 5 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job. Both of these articles will help give you some insight into your situation and decision. Have you left a job before? What signs did you have before you decided to quit? We’d love to hear your workplace experiences, so leave a comment below to share!

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  2. Elizabeth Kraker

    I’m so bored at my job, I spend too much time surfing the net and my sales are suffering for it. I don’t know what I want to do nor if I can make what I’m making here elsewhere. I’m stuck!

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