5 Creative Ways to Make More Money

Of course, you might already have a nine to five but if you are looking to earn some extra cash there are plenty of things you can do. Whether you are currently working part time, full time, or do not have a job at all, the world is filled with financial possibilities you just have to be mindful of. There are plenty of creative ways to make more money.

When you think of making more money, the typical things usually come to mind: a receptionist, sales rep, or even cashier. Nevertheless, why not think outside the box and be creative while making more money! One thing you can do is start a home-based business that allows you to earn an income from the comforts of your home. McDonald’s isn’t the only place that is hiring folks, so check out these five ways you can make more money.

Sell Stuff Online

So many online sites allow you to sell things you no longer have a purpose for, which is great for clearing out old items and making more cash. Sites such as Craigslist and Offer Up allow you to be your own boss while making cash. If you are not familiar with the site Craigslist, it is an American classified and advertisement website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums.

Offer Up is similar to Craigslist; however, it instantly connects with local buyers and sellers. You are able to buy and sell everything from cars and trucks, electronics, furniture, and more. There are other online resources as well. eBay, Amazon, Let Go and Poshmark are all great options.

Rent a Room

If you have a large living space and want to make some extra cash, you can sign up for Airbnb and rent out your living space. Members can use the service to arrange or offer lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. The cool thing with Airbnb is that is free to sign up! Although it would require you to be social and comfortable sharing your space, it is a great way to earn money and meet new people.

There are so many people who use Airbnb services that you are destined to stay booked and abundant. Airbnb is also a great alternative if you want to make money renting out your space for short periods of time. Unlike leases, renting a room for a weekend allows you to decide when you want to rent.

Drive People Around

If you are down to drive your younger siblings around town free of charge, then you are better off signing up to drive people around and make cash. Ridesharing companies such as Lyft and Uber have hit the ground running with their services of having drivers drive people around. Sometimes routes can be brief, or long and interesting. Nonetheless your time behind the wheel is being paid for and not in vain. Sign up now and earn some extra cash in your free time.

Listen to Music
Why would you sit around and listen to music free when you can get paid for it?! Slicethepie.com is company that consents its community to review unsigned artists and bands to earn more money. Your payment per review and is solely based on the quality of the reviews you turn out on the site.

The site also offers a referral program where if any of your friends sign up using your referral code and write reviews, then you will receive bonus payments for every review they submit. You are getting paid for your opinion and jamming out to some good tunes.

Deliver Meals

Maybe the thought of driving around town sounds nice, but you don’t want to deal with people. Delivering meals is a cool concept, and a great way to earn some quick money. One delivery food company called DoorDash is an on-demand courier service that uses logistics services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand. The driver picks up food from the selected food place and drops it off to the customer. Aside from getting money for driving, you can also receive a tip from the customer.

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Although these are just few ideas to earn some extra cash, there are plenty of options out there. Have you tried any of the methods listed above? If so, which one was your favorite and why? Check out our Facebook page and do not forget to join the Facebook group to keep up with all of our newest City Girl fun. Also, follow us on our other social media accounts Instagram and Twitter at @citgirlsavings, we will be sure to give a follow right back!

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