5 Common Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them

We’ve all made some beauty blunders, and crazy hair mistakes. We’ve survived, for the most part right? Well beauty problems will never really end. Like life itself, things tend to pop up out of nowhere. Instead of freaking out when a beauty problem pops up, remain calm and fix it with the help of the CGS Team! We are sharing 5 of some of the most common beauty problems and how to fix them. A smart girl is a prepared girl, and with this guide you will be prepared.

Common beauty problems and how to fix them!

Lipstick on Your Teeth

Nothing is worse than lipstick on your teeth, especially after you’ve spent the past 10 minutes chatting (and laughing) with the cute guy at the bar. You can always wipe the lipstick off, but how do you prevent it from happening again? The first thing you should do after applying lipstick is blot. Blotting will take the excess product off of your lips, so it doesn’t wind up on your teeth. Next, swipe a very thin layer of Vaseline across the front row of your teeth. The Vaseline makes your teeth too slick for lipstick to stick on it.

White Film on Your Lips

Ever seen that gross white film forming in the corners of someone’s mouth? That film occurs when you apply lipstick or lip gloss onto dry or flaky lips. Particles get caught in the creases and form the gunky coating. The best way to avoid the gunk is to exfoliate your lips. Use a washcloth or a dab of exfoliating wash and gently exfoliate your lips. Doing so on a regular basis will ensure smooth lips all the time.

Smudged Nail Polish

You’re saving money, so you avoid the salon and do your own nails. You finally finish and realize that you smudged a nail. You don’t have to remove all of the polish from the nail and start over. Simply dab your index finger in nail polish remover and lightly sweep it over the smudged nail. This will smooth out the smudge and allow you to apply another layer of polish. Wrap it up with a quick-dry top coat and your nail is as good as new.

Popped a Pimple Before an Event

You’ve been contemplating popping the pimple all weekend and you finally do it 10 minutes before you head out for the night. Now the redness sticks out more than your red lipstick! Immediately after popping the pimple, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it on the pimple for 5 minutes. If you have some handy, quickly dab healing ointment on the bump (think Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment). Lastly, cover up any remaining redness with concealer.

Eyeshadow Falls on Your Fresh Cheeks

It’s pretty frustrating to have freshly applied foundation and beautifully done blush, only to do your eyeshadow and have the color fall on your face. You can always start your make-up routine doing eyes first, but who wants to change what works? Instead, fold a tissue or piece of toilet paper and hold it under your eyes as you apply your shadow. The falling color will always land on the tissue and allow your foundation to stay flawless.

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These problems don’t sound so bad when there’s a solution nearby! You will be a beauty pro who can handle anything. Have you had any bad beauty blunders and if so, how did you get through it? What are your quick fixes to common beauty problems? Share your thoughts with the community by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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