Closet Summer-Ready

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Your Closet Summer-Ready

It’s about that time again! While summer is around the corner and many people are focused on hitting the gym to get in shape, they are totally forgetting to get their closet summer ready too!

Like, let’s face it, whoever came up the phrase, “stay ready so you never have to get ready” is an undercover genius. Whether you believe it or not, some of the best summer clothes can be found at great prices. Check out these 5 budget friendly ways you can get your closet summer ready! 

#1 Make a List 

Taking inventory of what your closet is currently holding will help you save time and save your pockets from spending too much! Or worse, spending on something you don’t need! Like money management, there is such a thing as clothes management! Managing your wardrobe helps you see what you have available and identify the pieces you may need to bring your fits together.

Make a list of all of the pieces you have available. Keep in mind, once you have created your list and everything is visible and accessible, it’s more easily inventoried for use and to know what you are working with. While you are making your list be sure to note which article of clothing is staying and which is going. Then, proceed by noting what season the piece of clothing is typically worn for (summer, winter, fall or spring).

#2 Curate Your Summer Outfit 

Once you have your inventory, create a process for bringing in-season items to first line of sight. When summer rolls around, bring your summer clothes to the forefront so you eliminate the dread search. Nothing is worse than tearing up drawer after drawer as you search for your favorite shorts…you know, the ones that hug your booty in just the right areas!

When you pull your summer items out, it helps to also identify the pieces that no longer fit or suit you. Those pieces can be donated or given away. For most of us, our sense of style changes throughout the years and what we may have liked last year we no longer like the following year. These small adjustments can help you with getting your closet summer ready and identifying what you need to stock up on. Designer duds on discount are also a great option. Check out stores like Nordstrom Rack, Saks OFF 5th and Macy’s for good finds!

#3 Intentionally Organize 

When your closet is disorganized, it can truly make finding what you like to wear a hell of a task. Intentionally organizing your closet to be summer ready can make your life ten times easier. You may side eye the thought of organizing like-items, but I promise you will appreciate us later.

If your items already organized in that manner then, if desired, go one step further (yes, I dare you) and organize by color. Perhaps swapping out the seasonal clothes from the closet to the dresser can help you easily visualize outfits ahead of time. Toss out anything that is stained or damaged. The goal is to try to keep less than half of what you had in the closet before you started. 

#4 Keep it budget friendly
Have you noticed it’s always the chaotic closets that end up costing way more money?! When choosing new articles of clothing to add to your wardrobe, don’t feel like you must start with the most expensive items on the rack. If you are in store shopping, direct your attention to the clearance rack first (there are some great finds!). Alternatively, if you find yourself online shopping, we suggest using those discount and promo codes when checking out.

That way you are still getting what you want without the backlash of spending next month’s rent. You most definitely don’t need to go broke trying to get your closet together for summer. To help your pockets, you can sell items that you no longer want via sites such as Offer Up, eBay or even an old fashion yard sale.

You can also make a good profit on Poshmark! In return, you can use the funds from those sales to help buy organizing bins and storage space for the articles of clothing that is out of season.

#5 Take Care of your Wardrobe

Understanding the value of a dollar early on will help you save a bunch of coins. It’s important to take care of your wardrobe for a few reasons. One specifically is that fashion has a funny way of repeating itself. What was hot in the 90’s is making a slow comeback to the 2000’s.

It’s also important to take care of your clothes because depending on the condition, you can always sell back your clothes for a profit. Check out 4 Bad Habits Ruining Your Clothes to make sure you’re taking care of your stuff!

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Closets can be intimidating, especially when you’re in hurry and clothes are not put back where they belong. Keeping your closet tidy can come in handy for times like these. What ways have been helpful to you in getting your closet summer ready? We love to stay connected with you so please follow us on our IG, Twitter @citygirlsavings. If you are part of the Meta world, drop a comment on our City Girl Savings Page.

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