5 At-Home Fitness Programs to Try

5 At-Home Fitness Programs to Try

Working out and trying to get fit can seem like a chore, but fitness should be fun and exciting—not scary and boring. There are some at-home fitness programs that can make working out exciting!

Whether the gym is closing due to the pandemic or lines are wrapped around the block due to social distancing, it seems like the safest place for a guaranteed workout is in your home.

Check out these 5 at-home fitness programs to try! 

#1 Fit Girl’s Guide 28-Day Jumpstart

This is the perfect jumpstart when trying to add some extra healthy movement in your day, all while not killing yourself.

This at home workout is just 28 days which is great for anyone trying to test the waters of their fitness journey. Workouts are 30 minutes and, best of all, require little to no equipment.

This is great for those just starting out because it not only works you, but teaches you! Instructors explain the proper form of workouts in addition to stretches so you don’t hurt yourself.

For just $35, you get a four-week workout as well as a Jumpstart Journal, which includes a food and exercise diary. 

#2 P90X

If you have never heard of this at home fitness program, we can most certainly call you a Gen Z type of exerciser. This isn’t a cult classic workout program for no reason!

The workouts are varied, incorporating resistance training, cardio, plyometrics, abs work, martial arts, and yoga. You name it, the program is touching on it one way or another.

The program comes with 12 workouts, as well as a nutrition plan and a workout calendar. P90X will have you sweating and burning calories you didn’t even know could burn.

The X in P90 stands for extreme for a reason. This program is designed for one hour a day, six days a week, for 90 days.

To purchase you simply can join Beachbody On Demand ($39 for three months, $59 for six months, or $99 for 12 months) for access to this and other Beachbody exercise programs.

#3 Insanity 

This at-home fitness program is a 60-day cardio-based program for advanced exercisers. When we say advanced, we are not joking, but we will let you try it for yourself and see.

Insanity is a challenging workout, but it is so worth it! This particular at-home workout includes 10 conditioning workouts that are about 30 to 60 minutes each, and you do them six days per week.

The cherry on top is that this at-home workout comes with a nutrition guide and no equipment is needed! 

#4 PIIT28

PIIT28 may sound like an odd fitness program name: it stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training. For all the Pilates lovers, you won’t be disappointed with this workout program.

This is a Pilates-based interval training program that requires zero equipment, minimal space, and 28 minutes a day for 28 days. Talk about having time in a day to do it all.

Twenty-eight minutes of working out is a dream come true, especially when you’re doing it from the comfort of your own home.

In this specific workout, the Pilates instructor will have you go through seven different exercises for 45 seconds each, resting for 15 seconds in between. Then you repeat that set three times.

For as low as $39, the program comes with 17 guided workout videos and an e-book, which includes printable versions of the workouts, a workout calendar, a guide to warm-ups and proper form for each exercise, and a rep sheet so you can track progress.

#5 Tone It Up

This fitness program offers a variety of free and paid workouts, plus a paid nutrition plan. Don’t freak out over the name—this program is more of a fitness community than a program itself.

Trust and believe there is no shortage of variety when trying out Tone It Up! The type of workouts include HIIT, total-body strength, cardio, and routines geared toward certain areas, like arms, abs, or glutes.

If your interest was not piqued yet, there are also workouts inspired by boxing, barre, yoga, and much more.

As for timing, there’s a little bit for everyone’s schedule. While some of the workouts range in length, and while some are bodyweight only, others require equipment such as an exercise ball, sliders, resistance bands, and dumbbells.

The great thing about this at home program is it’s a lot more affordable than a gym membership, starting as low as $15/month or $100/year for Studio Tone It Up.

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Who said you needed to have a gun membership to look and feel your best? Clearly these 5 home fitness programs can get the job done and still catch your favorite reality show without the DVR.

What is one fitness program you would recommend? Have you tried any of the ones we suggested? If so, did you get the results you desired?

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