6 Ways to Make Working Out Consistent

Working out now more than ever should be easier, or so they say! Personal health does not have to become a daunting task. Maintaining a consistent fitness routine on top of being a productive person may seem impossible. We are here to share that it is not! 

Stop finding excuses to skip activity altogether, because otherwise, you will reach the day when you feel like you have missed your window for working out. Here are six ways you can work out consistently.

#1  Take Baby Steps
Working out for most folks is something that doesn’t come easy. If you ask anyone if they would rather work out to lose weight normally or take a pill that can get them their perfect body, and we are almost a hundred percent certain they would go with the latter option. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, as we would do the same exact thing! 

Working out is more than just working out physically, it takes a toll on you mentally and emotionally as well. Taking baby steps and gradually increasing the challenge of your workout is good. This will help you love and enjoy the process of building yourself up and help avoid burning out or being discouraged. 

It is very rare for individuals to just jump headfirst into something they are not used to doing. Taking baby steps ensures you are making a lifestyle of working out, not just doing something for quick results, and burning out, instead. 

#2 Work Out with a Friend

When you have a friend to work out with, it makes the workout seem less like a workout and more like friends that are just hanging out. If you are the type of person that prefers working out alone, try home videos, or even YouTube workouts and pretend those folks in the video are your friends. 

Make your exercises into games or mini-competitions to make them more fun instead of routine and boring. We all know how inspiring a little competition can be! Having a person join you and work out with you on this new lifestyle journey is less lonely. Get the “me against the world” mentality our of your head. 

Friends literally make everything that was meant to be boring feel exciting instead! Not only can they push you to do better, but they also hold you accountable. You may not be in the mood to work out all the time, but they will be right there beside you to encourage you and motivate you to get it done! When working out with a friend your chances of you sticking to it and being consistent is higher. So grab ya amiga and hit the park!

#3 Multi-task 

For those of us that are sheltering in place, who said you cannot multitask and get a quick HIIT workout in while replying to emails? You can set time aside in your day to do a quick workout, whether it’s thirty second jumping jacks between replies or getting some crunches in while listening in on a call. Multitasking is the new switch up. 

When you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed from working in your home all day, simply get your workout bands and knock some squats out. Not only are you including this into your healthy lifestyle, you are making stress leave your body.  

#4 Utilize your planner

Whether your planner is on your phone or if you prefer the old school was and have a physical planner, we encourage you to use it. Plan your day around what time works best for you to exercise. 

Scheduling and sticking to a weekly exercise reminder or an exercise block of time will get your body used to working out. Seeing this item regularly on your calendar will decrease the odds that you’ll skip out on a commitment you’ve made to yourself. 

Our perspectives on life shape our reality more then we realize. Therefore, if we see there is something we need to, then we are more likely to do it.

#5 Get Rest

Believe it or not, rest is one of the major elements that can help us make working out more consistent. Exercising, sleeping, and healthy eating are all components that help people find a rhythm of working out more consistently. 

Studies have shown that healthy sleep habits can help you keep your waistline under control—that alone is something we can’t argue with! When you sleep smarter, you are not only resting your mind but you are rejuvenating your body for the next day and all that entails. 

Getting your rest is vital in ensuring you stay consistent with your workout goals. Intelligent sleeping starts with self-discipline.

#6 Try Something New

That feeling of fun is what puts us in a position to make the most progress as well as achieving the best results we can. No matter what, fitness should always be fun and enjoyable. 

Finding fun and creative ways to work out even when we experience challenges during the toughest workouts is essential. When you do the same workout over and over, the chance of you being over it is extremely high. 

The moment you find yourself bored with doing the same thing, you will find a million and one reasons to try and get out of it. Keep things fresh and fun by doing something new, and you will find you are motivated like never before.

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The more we enjoy our workouts, the more we want to do them without pulling our hair out. We are the gatekeepers to the changes we want to see. 

Everything is a mindset, and the worst thing you can do with a beautiful mind is losing it in the trash because of laziness. Would you try these six ways to help you stay motivated and consistent in your workouts? 

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