4 Ways to Keep Your Shoes Looking Brand New

The ladies of the CGS Team can honestly admit there’s nothing better than wearing shoes that look like they were just purchased, even if they’re years old! It’s true some shoes are easier to care for than others, which can be hard at times. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do things to keep your shoes looking brand new!

Regardless, it’s always good to know how to keep any type of shoe looking brand new. Styles tend to make their way back around once or twice in a generation, why toss a nice shoe when all it needs is some tender love and care? The CGS Team is sharing 4 tips to help you keep your shoes looking like they just came out of the box!

Use the Right Products

If you’re trying to care for shoes that have leather material, it’s important to brush off any dust on the shoe before cleaning. Leather shoes require specific tools to care for them. The majority of leather shoes need to be polished and conditioned consistently to help maintain the newness of the leather.

The better you care for your leather shoes, the longer they will last. We recently discussed protecting suede and leather materials, refer to this article for more information. Shoes that are made with cloth material are much easier to care for. In many instances, caring for a shoe made from cloth can be cleaned by using simple detergent, water and a rag. Some shoes even have stain-proof spray that can be sprayed on them to help keep stains away.

Don’t Just Focus on the Outside

Focusing solely on the outside of the shoe isn’t the only way to keeping your shoes looking new. The key to keeping shoes new is to make sure they fit like a new shoe too. Although you can’t always see the insole of your shoes, you still need take good care of it. The insole of a shoe is what keeps the shoe going.

After all, socks and the bottom of our feet can cause some natural wear and tear over time. Depending on how often you wear the shoe, consider taking it to your local shoe repair shop to have the insole replaced. It’s important to not wear the same shoes every single day. Giving your feet a break from the same sensation of a pair of shoes is a good thing!

Not only does it help keep your shoes looking new because you aren’t wearing them as often, it helps ensure your feet don’t form to the style of the shoe.

Ask Questions

When buying shoes at a store, it’s always a good idea to ask the sales assistant what products are available to care for the new shoes. The person selling the shoe should be knowledgeable about the type of material the shoe is made from, and which products can be used to clean it.

Before leaving the store remember to ask the sales rep what they’d recommend to keep the shoe looking and feeling like brand new. If they seem unhelpful don’t worry, there’s always the internet! Simply go to the designer or brand company page and see which products they recommend on their products.

No Piece Left Behind

People may remember to remove the laces but they always forget to wash them too. Laces are a part of the shoe and they too must be cared for. Removing them first so you can clean them and not just the surface of the shoe is important. Some laces can be tossed with your clothes in the laundry while other laces need to be washed by hand with a cloth and soap.

In most cases, if the laces are too damaged to clean, buying new laces is cheaper than purchasing a new pair of shoes.  In most wear and tear issues, especially with sneakers, laces can begin to unravel which is totally annoying.  Instead of beating yourself up over it and throwing the out the original laces, take some clear nail polish and mend the ends back together.

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It always amazes us how people can keep shoes looking amazing for years on end. With the tips above, you can too! What advice can you share on keeping your shoes nice and new? What material or type of shoe do you find wears out the fastest? Share a comment below to get a discussion going!

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