How to Protect Suede & Leather Accessories

We all know how important it is to care for our items, specially suede and leather. There isn’t always a handbook on how to care for these items in the case of an accident. Suede and leather materials are more sensitive than your cotton and spandex materials. The worst feeling is to spend your hard earned money on a product only to mess it up because you didn’t know how to care for it. The CGS team is sharing some helpful and affordable ways to keep your suede and leather accessories looking new.

Protecting Suede
The biggest issue with protecting suede comes with ensuring the color stays intact. Water by itself will not do the trick, however a combined water and stain protector, like Meltonian’s Water & Stain Protector will help remove oil and water based stains without ruining the color.  It’s best to use this type of protectant before subjecting your accessories to harsh elements like snow or light rain.

If your suede happens to get a little too wet, let it dry naturally. You can also take a dry cloth and dab the water spot to help remove the moisture. If your suede shoes are wet, stuff them with newspaper to keep the shape natural. If you plan on storing suede shoes or bags for long periods of time, use dust bags as opposed to plastic bags or boxes.

Protecting Leather

Unlike suede, leather should never meet water! Since we can’t always control the weather, this is where a water repellent would be ideal. Spray your leather with a repellent like Leather Milk’s Water Repellent and Protector. When it comes to cleaning your leather bags or accessories, the idea is to remove the build-up and restore the color. Wipe your items down with a cleaner made specifically for the type of leather you have.

When caring for shoes with leather material it’s vital you care for your laces separately, remove them before you begin caring for your shoes. Try opting for a beeswax protective product compared to a spray. The beeswax ingredient does not get absorbed into the leather, it simply sticks to the surface for a long period of time allowing for long-term protection. If you choose to use a leather polish, do not overuse or you run the risk damaging your product. Opt for a polish with a cream base to decrease your chances of damage.


Most designers like Coach and Michael Kors have their own brand of cleaner, so consider purchasing this when you buy their items with suede and leather. Regardless of where you get your product, it’s nice to know how to care for it! What other tips can you share with the community on how to protect your items that are leather and suede material?  Post a comment below to share!

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