4 Tips for Growing Out Your Brows

Remember when over-plucked eyebrows were in? Fortunately thicker eyebrows came back in style over the past decade! Now, stars like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have shown us that super-thick eyebrows can look great. But what if your brows are still recovering from excess waxing, threading or plucking? The CGS Team is sharing 4 tips to help you grow out your eyebrows for a natural look. As doubtful as you may be, your eyebrows will definitely grow back over time!

Tips for growing out your brows

#1: Don’t Touch Them

You’re probably thinking “duh”, but the first step in growing out your eyebrows is to leave them be. It’s going to be hard. You will have hairs popping up in places they shouldn’t, you will have patches of growth, and ultimately you will have messy brows.  Avoid tweezing or removing any hairs throughout the growth process.

#2: Prep Your Brows for Growth

Did you know that there are products available to help stimulate eyebrow hair growth? Shiseido’s Full Lash and Brow Serum and Anastasia Beverly Hills Advanced Brow Enhancing Serum are both great products to use during the growth phase.  Before applying these products, be sure to exfoliate your brows.

#3: Deal With the Awkward Phase

As we mentioned above, your brows will go through a messy, awkward phase while they are growing out.  Since you can’t stay in the house until your brows are fully grown, you will have to deal with them. Fill in those bald spots! Thankfully brow pencils and powders of today are designed to give the user a natural-looking color for their brows.

A little pencil can go a long way.  If you need to cover up anything, take Stylecaster’s advice: “using a concealer pen, carve out your eyebrow shape. Blend the concealer above and below where you have filled them in, remembering to dab, not rub, for best coverage. This will hide any excess hair, while also further defining your brows.”

#4: When the Time is Right, Have them Professionally Shaped

Lastly, thick eyebrows are no use to you if they don’t fit your face. Once your eyebrows are fully grown out, visit a professional to have them shaped for your face. Shaping doesn’t mean removing the volume, it simple adds a little je-ne-sais-quoi to your brows.

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Did you have pencil-thin eyebrows at one point in time? What steps did you take to grow your eyebrows? What eyebrow products work best for you? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

-The CGS Team



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